Prevention Tips for Hay Fever

Hay fever can be quite irritating, but there are ways you can minimize its effects on your life. Be sure to add prevention tips to your bag of tricks, because as they say… an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here are some tips on how to prevent hay fever from taking over your life even before it strikes.

Find Out Exactly What You Are Allergic To

If allergies drag you down on a yearly basis and knock you out for months at a time, consider getting formal allergy testing. An allergist can perform a test where a panel of common allergens are applied to your arm and then the skin is pricked to see if a type of hive forms where each allergen was tested. When you know exactly what you are allergic to, it is more helpful than just knowing that you have symptoms hit you at a particular season.

Avoid Allergens

When you know what allergens cause you trouble, you can work to avoid them. For example, if there is a certain type of tree that provokes your hay fever, you can stay away from it and be indoors more often during the time those trees are active each year.

Keep Allergens Out of Your Home

Even if you have to be exposed to allergens when you are outside of your home, you can keep them out of your home to a certain degree. When you come home, leave your shoes at the front door and change your clothing, putting it directly into the washing machine. Take a shower and wash off any pollens that may be sticking to your hair and skin.

Dietary Overhaul

One form of hay fever prevention is through changing your diet. There are many ways of doing this. One is to remove any foods you have intolerances to. Another is to remove mucus-forming foods. Be sure to add foods that contain vitamins and minerals that specifically help combat hay fever, such as those containing vitamin C and quercetin.

Lifestyle Habits

Changing lifestyle habits can do a lot to prevent hay fever. Some of the main ones are reducing stress and getting enough sleep each night. Eat a healthy, whole foods diet with a variety of nutrients, and avoid toxins including alcohol and cigarette smoke. Exercise daily, and work up a good sweat as often as possible.

Supplementing Before Allergy Season

Before hay fever rears its ugly head, get on top of it by supplementing in advance of the most troublesome season for you. Begin your supplement regimen a few months before you usually experience your symptoms, and you may be able to totally keep the symptoms at bay.

Hay fever is a pain to deal with, but through prevention you can keep it from overtaking your life in the first place. Use these measures to deal with hay fever before it begins – the more you use, the better. Say goodbye to hay fever and hello to a better life.