Natural Remedies for Hay Fever

Hay fever is an inconvenience, to be sure. However, there are many ways of treating it naturally. Many of these natural remedies may be things you already have in your kitchen cupboards. Try one or more of these and see if you are able to control your hay fever through their use, in order to avoid prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.

Local Honey and Bee Pollen

Local honey and bee pollen have been known for a long time as remedies for hay fever. The reason they both work so well as an antidote for hay fever is because they desensitize you to pollen. Choosing local honey and bee pollen is important because you will then be building immunity to the allergens in your area that you have a problem with. Bee pollen also reduces histamine, which reduces the inflammatory response that allergens provoke.


This bioflavonoid is another supplement that reduces histamine. By using this as a daily supplement during the seasons you have the most trouble with, you can cut down your symptoms greatly. You can take daily supplements to relieve extreme allergies. You can also add it to your diet by choosing foods that are naturally high in quercetin, such as onions and apples.

Vitamin C

Because vitamin C is a natural anti-inflammatory, it is a great choice for those suffering from hay fever. It has properties similar to many antihistamines, but it does not contain the side effects. You can supplement with vitamin C if needed, as well as eat more foods that contain it. Some of these foods include peppers, berries, Brussels sprouts, and citrus fruits.


Nettle is another natural option that will help you control your hay fever. It has been studied and shown to improve almost all symptoms of allergic rhinitis. You can buy it in leaf, root and powdered form and then create a tea for yourself to drink.

Dietary Changes

Changing your diet is one of the main ways that hay fever sufferers can both reduce and eliminate symptoms. Many times, seasonal allergies and other forms of allergies are more severe when our bodies are under undue stress.

One thing that can cause stress on a person’s body is when they are eating foods that they are intolerant to. By eliminating allergenic and mucus-forming foods, some individuals have seen complete relief from their hay fever symptoms.

See a naturopath for information on how you can eliminate these foods from your diet and perhaps see a quick turnaround in your hay fever symptoms. Be sure to include plenty of foods that contain vitamins and minerals that will also naturally relieve your hay fever, for added effectiveness.

Lifestyle Habit Changes

Another thing that aggravates allergies is living under too much stress due to lifestyle habits. If hay fever is hitting you hard, think about your lifestyle and what you can do to cut back on stress. Are you getting enough sleep, eating a well-rounded diet, exercising and avoiding unnecessary toxins?

Hay fever can be persistent, but don’t give up. Many people conquer it without turning to pharmaceuticals. Try these natural remedies alone or in combination with each other, and turn your hay fever around speedily.