Were You Cheated On By Your Dating Partner

If so what happens now? Are you going to throw the dating relationship into the trash can? Are you going to become so jaded you will never trust any one you date again? Are you so disillusioned that you want to swear off of dating relationships completely?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it may be time for you to take a step back and examine what is happening in your life. Even though you may have been part of the problem or more likely you weren’t part of the problem, you need to know the circumstances that led to the cheating in order for you to move on with your romantic relationships or pick up the torch again for the one who cheated.

1. Has your lover’s sexual advances taken a pretty sharp decline, both in the bedroom and out of the bedroom? Does he/she no longer hold your hand or put their arm around you when you’re together in private or in public? Have they locked their cell phone where you can no longer answer it? These are some of the most tell tale signs that your lover may well be involved in cheating on you. However before jumping into accusations you need to examine the evidence closely. Make sure there is not a logical reason for all of the above „cheating tell tale signs“.

One of the most common things that can cause the above behavior is a physical illness or perhaps way more common, is a change in mental health. We aren’t talking about becoming a sociopath, but about someone who has sank into a mild or deep depression.

If you have never been in a true depression it may be hard for you to believe that it can change someone from a full time lover to a cheating lover and worse yet; not a lover at all. His/her depression can drive your lover into the arms of someone else hoping they can find „happiness“ within someone else s arms.

Unfortunately it is a fact of life and it can happen at any time.

2. Are you seeing sudden and very sharp mood swings, you have never seen before? Once again it can be part of depression or it can really be a guilty conscience because they are cheating.

Often times when the mood swings occur it is because they may feel your questions are getting to close to the truth. It also can be a way they are trying to blame you for the relationship cheating. If they are a good manipulator they have learned the ways to force you into believing its all your fault.

Mood swings can be the great deflector when your partner is feeling trapped.

If the mood swings continue, especially when the mood swing goes into „anger overload“, you need to be very, very observant. These type of mood swings can quickly move from „angry“ to violence.

Don’t even hesitate to get out of the room or better still get completely away from where the incident is occurring. Call the police if they have assaulted you.

The above things are true signs of a „cheating dating relationship“. You need to learn them and how to deal with them.