Vilantae Prevents Acne

There are two very effective ways of preventing acne and neither of them has anything to do with „clogged pores.“ Topical acne treatments do not work. If you really want to prevent acne you have to do it internally. Why? Because acne isn’t caused by dirty skin or clogged pores, it’s caused by an overproduction of oil inside the body.

Because of this, the only effective way to stop acne in it’s tracks is to slow down this overproduction of oil. There are two known methods for doing this and they both work very well. The first is the prescription only medication Accutane which is actually a derivative of Vitamin A. The second is Vilantae which is based on Vitamin B5.

Which is more effective? Actually Accutane is the most effective acne treatment. So why don’t I recommend it instead of Vilantae? Simple, Accutane has many negatives going for it. First of all, Accutane is a prescription only medication that is usually only prescribed to those with very bad cases of acne. Secondly, it’s very expensive. Thirdly, it has many negative side effects. Vilantae on the other hand does not require a prescription, is very affordable, and has no negative side effects.

If you have struggled with acne for a long time and you’ve tried all of the topical acne treatments then it’s definitely time to give Vilantae a try. Vilantae is a completely different approach to preventing acne than topical treatments and that is why it is so extremely effective for most people.

Personally I suffered from acne for 7 long years and I tried every single kind of applied acne treatment I could find. None of them did anything! In fact most of them seemed to just make the problem worse. It was then when I had almost completely given up that I discovered Vitamin B5 (Vilantae) and thought, what the heck? I’ll try this.

I have not made many better decisions in my life. It worked incredibly well for me. Within weeks my acne was completely gone and it has never returned in the years since. Not only did it prevent my acne, but it also seemed to make me feel better overall. And in fact some people take B5 Vitamins for other reasons.

Instead of having negative side effects, Vilantae actually has positive side effects!

The big draw back that many people have with B5 Vitamin acne treatment is the large amount of capsules you have to take but the good news is now there’s an alternative to the capsules. Vilantae now has a liquid version of their product which makes it much easier to follow the plan and become acne free.