Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Everything that a vacuum picks up, no matter what
type it may be, needs to be deposited somewhere –
normally in a vacuum cleaner bag.

Back in 1920, the Air Way Sanitizer Company of
Ohio introduced the first vacuum cleaner with a
disposable vacuum bag. Until that time, the bags
for vacuum cleaners resembled the type of bags that
golfers used to carry their clubs. They were
somewhat heavy and awkard devices made out of
thick, stiff canvas, designed to be very flexible
and still keep dust and debris from the carpets
from escaping out into the air.

The improvements made by the Air Way Sanitizer
disposable vacuum bag went a long way toward
improving the effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner.
Made out of paper, the bag was designed to fit
inside of the cloth bag. Not only did it make
cleaning the vacuum easier, but it also kept the
insides of the stationary bag clean at all times
so that less of the dust and debris could be
blown out of the vacuum and make its way through
the home again.

In the beginning, each manufacturer designed
their own disposable vacuum cleaner bag made out
of different types of paper. You couldn’t
interchange the bags from one machine to the next,
as the fittings were different sizes with
different configurations for the opening of the
intake. Manufacturers who were once very
dependant on the sales of their machines had now
discovered an entirely new territory for the
disposable bags, and once again sales went through
the roof.

Before, a housewife had her vacuum cleaner and
the only thing it needed was to be cleaned and
serviced every now and then. If the man of the
house was around, the job normally went to him.
After a while, repair shops that specialized in
vacuum cleaners began to pop up all over the

These days, there are very few vacuum cleaners
that use bags. Bagless is the way to go these days,
and for good reason. What was once a revolution
in household cleaning, is now rapidly fading away
and fast.

Models such as the Cyclone or Dirt Devil, are
now using cylinder technology to store the dirt
and dust. When you have finished vacuuming, you
simply empty the cylinder into the trash. Vacuum
bags can be very frustrating, which is why
millions of people are using bagless vacuums.

If you own a vacuum cleaner that uses bags, you
should look into upgrading it. Bagless vacuums
will save you time, money, and replacement. If
you’ve grown tired of the bags, now is the time
to get a better vacuum.

Not only do the bagless models have more power,
but they will also save you quite a few trips to
the store and the closet. They don’t cost a lot
of money either, and they are the perfect addition
to any household.