Use Interpersonal Attraction To Have Great Relationships

Interpersonal attraction is very simply what causes friendships and relationships. It’s a major point of psychological study. And there’s really not much hard data on why one person might be attracted to another person and not attracted or even repulsed by someone else. Interpersonal attraction, despite all the studies, is really somewhat a mystery.

There are certain principles at work, of course. It’s believed that people are attracted to people of approximately the same level of physical attractiveness. And that people of the same social background and similar economic situations will experience the interpersonal attraction that draws them together.

But also that in some cases, people who are very different in other aspects are more likely to be attracted to each other and happy together that two people very much alike in terms of things like dominance and personality.

Interpersonal attraction is an area that you have more control over that you think. You may not necessarily be able concentrate and attract a specific person, but you can use certain concepts to attract a certain type of person into your life.

The universal law of attraction tells us that like attracts like. Magnetic attraction will draw certain things to you based on what you believe. And conscious creation of your own reality can affect all these things as well. You must first decide what you want in a person, then believe that a person meeting those criteria exists and can come into your life.

This belief in what you want and its availability to you will help a person with the qualities that you want come into your life. Interpersonal attraction, the attraction of a person that complements us and would make a great friend or partner, is as affected by things like belief and thought as other things like how happy we are, the kinds of situations we attract, and our financial situations.

If you can decide that you can have prosperity and therefore you attract it, you can decide that you can have a positive person around you as your friend or your partner and then attract that person.

Your positive belief that you can get what you want automatically surrounds you in an aura of positivity. This alone will affect those you attract by putting out a signal for other positive people. If people tend to gravitate toward those who complement their personalities, then your positive aura will attract other positive people.

Your openness to financial prosperity and good fortune will also work in your favor by attracting people into your life who hold the same beliefs and openness. The power of positive thought can do amazing things in every aspect of your life, not just in your job, your financial situation and your level of happiness, but also in the type of person you attract.

Since attraction must be mutual for it to work, believing certain positive and good things about yourself can help interpersonal attraction work for you in bringing the right people into your life.