Understanding Acne Scars

This acne scar is not an ordinary scar. It has a “S” & “Car” in it. Firstly you have to see what “model” is your sCAR. The cost of treatment for certain types of scars is very costly. Therefore, before committing to treatment of acne scars, you should have a frank discussion with your dermatologist, in all the aspects. As, terminating the scar treatment at an incomplete stage, may be counter-productive for you.

Acne scars are treated in several stages based on the type of scar. They are like the episodes of a TV serial. Some stage of the story is covered in every episode, and a deliberate suspense is created at the ending. Here, the dermatologist may not deliberately try to keep you in suspense, but after completion of every stage, it is natural for you to have your quota of suspense, “Will this scar fully heal?”

There is no doubt that innovative skin care technology for acne, bums, surgery and piercing has arrived. The dermatologist will give you tens of reasons to get beautiful, getting rid of scars. He has documents of many success stories. You arrived at his clinic with scar-removal temptation, and your temptation is now confirmed. He has explained to you doubt-proof methods to reduce and eliminate acne scars.

Acne scars can affect anyone. After the healing process, the skin is left with a discoloration that may take months to heal. 6 to 18 months is the normal estimate. If the scar still persists, and is in no mood to go, then surgical methods are the only alternative.

Since the scars are visible, they cause embarrassment. There is nothing to worry about the macules of “pseduo-scars”. When it eventually disappears in the natural processing of healing, it leaves no trace. Post-inflammatory pigmentation is discoloration of the skin at the site of a healed acne lesion, which may last up to 18 months. Chemical peeling is likely to hasten the disappearance of post-inflammatory healing process.

It is better to bear the scars if they are not in the visible part of the body. It is difficult to predict how successfully scars can be treated. For, the healing duration differs from case to case.

Acne scars are generally categorized in two types: (a) scars caused by increased tissue formation and (b) scars caused by the loss of tissue.

The decision to seek surgical treatment is an important one. The type of treatment has to suit you best. The experience and expertise of the dermatologist come to play an important part here. He may fail sometimes, at your cost, despite of his best efforts. You have to make your personal decision whether to live in the company of your scar/s,unless it is a psychological burden for you.

Scar treatment usually improves the appearance of the skin. But if your expectation is total restoration, it is an impossibility. The main aim of any acne scar treatment is basically to provide you a totally acceptable look. To have a complete restoration of your previous look is far than a possibility.