Top Business Ideas for WAHMs on a Shoestring

WAHMs, or Work-at-Home Moms, often begin their ventures with very little money to invest. There are specific business ideas that can be started on a shoestring budget. Here are some business ideas for moms who have few start-up funds.

First, a Website…

Since you will probably be finding many of your clients online, you will need a website. This is generally considered to be step 1 for any work-at-home venture. It is a means by which you can promote yourself, and a place to refer people who want more information.

Prospective clients can visit your website to learn a bit about you before hiring you, and they can contact you by email through your site. Thankfully, though, starting a website is not expensive. You can generally purchase a domain for less than $10, or you can start a blog for free and build that as your promotional online presence.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) is someone who does administrative or secretarial work remotely. VAs transcribe, translate, prepare mailings, and do other administrative duties. Virtual assistants are not confined to secretarial work, however. Some VAs offer web design, marketing consultation, and even technical support to clients. Since VAs use the internet and telephone, they can garner clients around the world.

Some suggest taking a VA course online. Whether you take a course or not, success depends significantly on the hours you are willing to put in. Some VAs become so successful that they begin their own VA business, employing a staff of VAs who can serve their clients.


Teaching others something you know is a low-cost WAH idea. Consulting can start with your acquaintances and friends – spread the word that you have valuable knowledge and are going into business sharing this knowledge with others.

Some ideas for consultant businesses are in the fields of nutrition, natural lifestyles, green living, and marketing. But in reality, there are so many possibilities in the consulting world that you can get unique and creative with your consulting business. Just make sure you are filling a real need before you venture out to sell your knowledge.


Someone needs to care for children while their parents are working – even working from home! Once you check with your local regulations and laws in this regard, running an in-home daycare (or something less official, such as watching one family’s children) can be a lucrative at-home business.

Writing Web Content

The internet is the place to go for information. This is why no one buys sets of encyclopedias anymore! That information has to get out somehow, and writers of web content are often in demand. You can work for a publishing company that provides web content to its clients and write articles on various subjects.