Out Growing A Bad Haircut

In-between hair — when you are waiting for that bad haircut to grow out — is a frustrating hair problem. Fortunately there are ways to get through this difficult time with a minimum of stress.


The first thing to do is to accept your hair as it is. Admit that there is only so much you can do at this stage. Once you accept your fate, then you can begin to focus on finding styles that are possible.

Look at fashion magazines for models with hair similar to yours. Then take an evening and experiment with these different styles. You may be surprised at the results.


Accessories can be your best friend when styling in-between hair. Your hair might be too short to pull into a ponytail, but there are other hair accessories that can work wonders on short hair.

One of the best accessories is the basic bobby-pin. These come in many stylish varieties. For example, you can find them with attachments such as sparkly butterflies or in a variety of colors. The traditional bobby-pins are still available if you want a more natural approach. You can use these pins to tuck hair up at the sides or in the back. Use the smaller bobby-pins to sweep short hair up completely.

The butterfly clip, which is available in many different sizes, is another option. The shorter your hair, the smaller the clip. Use these clips to sweep hair off your face. They too are found in a variety of colors and styles. They are easy to use and won’t break your hair.

Cover Up

Also consider using a cover-up — hats or scarves. You can throw on any kind of hat with an outfit and hide your hair completely. You can do the same with scarves. Try different techniques with your scarf to get the best look possible.


Appliances are also useful when trying to style in-between hair. If you are trying to let your layers grow out, try curling your hair. This will hide your layers a bit since curly hair shows layer growth much less than straight hair. Use hot rollers or a curling iron for best results. If you like the curls you might want a perm until your hair grows to the desired length. Flat irons are great for shorter hair as well. Some short pixie style hair tends to get a bit frizzy. Narrow flat irons are perfect for styling short hair.


Using the right products is also key to getting a great style from in-between hair. If your hair gets frizzy, try using a straightening gel as soon as you get out of the shower. You can also use a deep conditioner to avoid frizz. To help stimulate hair growth, massage your head for at least 2 minutes while you shampoo.

The in-between hair stage doesn’t have to be painful. Follow these tips and you might even enjoy your new ‚do.