Mild To Wild Ideas For Bachelorette Parties

Are you looking for ideas for bachelorette parties? A bachelorette party can substitute – both in reality and in nature – for a traditional shower. Or, a bachelorette party can be a wild experience more akin to a traditional guy’s event. You have to decide what the bride to be will want before you go looking for ideas for bachelorette parties for her.

If she wants a walk on the mild side, traditional shower plans can be good ideas for bachelorette parties. Having dinner at home or at a fondue restaurant while sharing good times can be nice. Bring presents she can appreciate and use in her new home.

Another one of my ideas for bachelorette parties for more conservative brides is to make it a spa day or have a make up bash one evening.

Taking it a step up, you can do these same things, but put a sexy twist on it. Instead of a traditional ravioli dish, serve your marinara with penis pasta (yes there is such a thing). You can follow this up with adult fortune cookies or genetalia shaped cake from New York City’s MasturBakers. In this case, your gifts can be more risqué as well.

Can she handle a stripper at your event? If so, ideas for bachelorette parties include bringing in a “male exotic dancer” and have him be the “life of the party.”

Trips to see male strippers at a formal club such as Chippendale’s or the Thunder from Down Under is another option for more adventurous women.

Take your friend out for a fantasy night. Dress up in your shortest skirts and stiletto heals. Ask the bartender for Sex on the Beach or Blow Job drinks. Flirt naughtily. And, just like the guys aren’t going to tell you what went on at their party, any wild ideas for bachelorette parties should be kept close to the vest with the girls who go.

Making a weekend out of the party is becoming more popular. For instance, what could be more Bachelorette than a girl’s only “Sex and the City” weekend in New York. Combine shopping with some of the bars made famous by Carrie and the gang and you’ve got one of the best Bachelorette party ideas around.

Las Vegas is another place for the final fling for both women and men. Chippendale’s has an act here. Vegas tends to be a fun town – from shopping to spas to casinos, there’s something for everyone here.

Finally, ideas for bachelorette parties should focus on the things she won’t be able to do once she gets married. After the wedding, she’ll still be able to get together with the girls for lunch, she probably will even be able to take a weekend trip away from time to time. But is there an experience her new husband will frown on? Or, is there a place that he absolutely, positively won’t go with her such as the ballet or a musical? Use this as your basis for ideas for bachelorette parties.