Male Pattern Baldness

Many nowadays prefer a natural hair loss remedy rather than treat their hair loss with drugs and medication. If you are looking for a natural hair loss remedy for male pattern baldness, you can try saw palmetto.

Saw palmetto is a particular type of fruit that has been shown to help in hair loss according to some studies. Having some information about saw palmetto, its use and its benefits can help you decide if this natural hair loss remedy is the type of treatment that you are seeking for.

Saw palmetto is a red fruit that grows in warmer climates throughout the world. It is most often seen in South Eastern regions of the United States. Studies into the use of saw palmetto was first done for research on prostate health. However, it was also noticed during the clinical trials that this popular fruit have positive benefits to those with male pattern baldness.

Male pattern baldness is a hereditary condition that afflicts more men than women. Hair loss in male pattern baldness is characterized by a receding hairline and that continues in a horseshoe pattern. Hair on the sides and back of the head are mostly unaffected. The exact reason for male pattern baldness is still not very clear. Some studies suggest that excessive conversion of testosterone to another hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) may be an underlying cause. In the studies for prostate health, saw palmetto was shown to block the production of DHT in men suffering from enlargement of the prostate.

So how much saw palmetto should you eat for your hair loss? Unverified sources say that if you are eating the fruit, then one per day would in most instances be effective with treating your hair loss. However, if you are taking an extract, then a dosage of three hundred and twenty milligrams per day is recommended. Supplements containing nutrients of saw palmetto are also available to help with hair growth.

One of the advantages of taking saw palmetto is that there are no known side effects. This is obviously better than taking synthetic drugs or medication that may have potential adverse results. In fact, these side effects include fast heart rate, headaches, impotence, and decreased libido.

Saw palmetto should preferably be taken with other foods or substances. Otherwise, you may end up with a headache or stomachache. In addition, if you observed that you are getting allergic reactions, you should stop consuming saw palmetto immediately.

In addition, if you are female and pregnant, then you should not use saw palmetto without medical supervision.

Is Saw Palmetto used for Male Pattern Baldness? Currently, there is no known cure for male pattern baldness. Both conventional and natural treatments can help control the hair loss as long as one maintains the treatment. However, once the treatment is discontinued, there is the chance of recurrence. Saw palmetto may be the answer to providing your body with the necessary balance of the hormones and enzymes beneficial for combating hair loss. Do research more into this option if you are looking for a natural hair loss remedy for mild to moderate male pattern baldness.