Make Deliberate Creation Work For You

Deliberate creation is the act of deciding what you want, and getting it. While that might sound very simple and easy, and you might be thinking you already do it, there’s actually a little bit more to it than you think. Rather than us just choosing a goal to go after and going after it, deliberate creation requires a certain focus to succeed.

Many of us think we want something and decide that we’re going to have it, whether it’s some type of person or professional success, money, a specific job, a partner or something else. But in the end, we don’t get that thing no matter how hard we try. And often we’re left confused as to why it didn’t work out as we had planned.

Deliberate creation works with the idea that we truly have to believe in something before it can happen. The person who decides he wants a new car that’s a little out of his price range, for instance, may really want the car. He may be passionate about wanting the car. But most of the times he thinks of the car he also thinks about how he’s going to have a hard time affording the car.

Deliberate creation attempts to remove that negative thinking. When you want something but you believe that achieving it is going to be difficult, it becomes difficult. Likewise, if you want something but secretly or not-so-secretly believe that getting it is impossible, then it will be impossible.

When creating deliberately, the person takes complete charge of his or her reality and spends time acting on things rather than reacting to them. There’s a large focus on action vs. reaction. Where it’s typically to get up in the morning with several goals or several tasks in mind that relate to a larger goal, those who practice acting rather than reacting will get up and focus on what they want instead of just reacting to things that happen or need to be done.

When you use this method of going about your day, the main principle is to surround yourself with what inspires you and makes you passionate about life. It’s important to first figure out what it is that you truly want. It’s believed that most people don’t even know what it is that they want, deep down.

Once you figure out what you’re most passionate about, then deliberate, also sometimes called conscious, creation removes the obstacles in your way. Much of this happens within yourself, regarding the way you think about things. You learn to believe that things are possible.

Then you learn to focus. Focus is a key term because it’s the focus that fans of the method claim make everything good possible. First, whatever your passion really is, whatever it is that you really want, must be believed to be possible. Then, you must focus on it and not lose that focus. The combination of belief and keeping what you want most in focus make up the deliberate creation that will allow you to achieve your dream.