How to Stop Being a Hoarder

Hoarding happens when clutter gets out of control. Being a hoarder takes the joy out of life, and can severely alter your quality of life as your numerous possessions spiral out of hand. Here are some ways to stop hoarding and start living the clutter-free life you desire.

Figure Out Why You Hoard

Everyone has a different reason they lean towards hoarding, therefore each person will have a different motivation required in order to quit. Think back in your past. Have you always loved to keep things too long, or was there a certain point when the hoarding began?

Becoming a hoarder can happen very naturally. It can begin with a sincere desire not to waste, and to make use of what you have. It can begin with a love for shopping that gets out of control. It can begin with a tragic event and the loss of a loved one, and an eventual unwillingness to let go of any physical memories you have of them. Your “why” will determine your “how” when it comes to changing your ways.

Think of a Few Small Steps

You don’t have to completely give your home a makeover in an instant. Begin thinking of little ways you can change the home you live in, in order to slowly turn it into your dream home.

Take small steps, such as making a decision not to buy anything other than necessities such as food. If you do buy something, make a promise to yourself that you will get rid of at least ten other things before it comes through the door. Clean one section of your home at a time, even if it is only a desk or another small area.

Find Ideas That Inspire You

A little dreaming always helps you along with your goal of quitting hoarding. Save a folder on Pinterest with photos of minimalist homes that you love. Envision yourself and your family living there, and think about how you might feel. Make a small binder of ideas you find in magazines, if you like. Just be careful not to go overboard with the clippings to the point where they are contributing to the mess.

Get Help If Necessary

There is no shame in seeking help if your hoarding goes beyond what is normal. Find an organizer who is skilled in helping hoarders reduce their clutter and organize their homes. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends for help, as they love you and are more than likely to be happy to help you step into your new, clutter-free life.

If you feel like you just cannot make the changes, seek a counsellor who is familiar with hoarding so that they can assist you in freeing yourself from the prison you’ve enclosed yourself in. Serious hoarding is more than just a bad habit, and can be mentally crippling.

Being a hoarder can have a negative effect on every single area of your life. You can exchange this way of life for a clutter-free version if you wish. Take the necessary steps and turn your home into a haven that you always look forward to coming home to.