How To Groom Long Haired Chihuahuas

There are two breeds of Chihuahuas. Long haired Chihuahuas are recognized in the United States as a separate category from their short haired cousins. You should know, however, that both of these kinds of dogs are considered the same in both Canadian and British kennel clubs.

You should know that long haired Chihuahuas need more grooming than their short haired companions, but they still are not difficult to manage. They shed much less than you would imagine.

Long haired Chihuahuas have soft, fine guard hairs. These are smoother to touch than short haired dogs. While he short haired Chihuahuas don’t require much grooming, longer haired ones should be brushed once a day.

It can take 2 years for a long haired Chihuahua to develop its full coat. During this time, you should prepare your house to collect the hair when they do shed. Most importantly, you should keep your house clean and clutter free. This is especially important if you have people in the house that are either sensitive to dog hair, or who have breathing ailments like asthma. It is also a good idea to purchase a small vacuum cleaner to use near the dog’s hang out in the house.

it is a good idea to buy a small pair of scissors because long haired Chihuahuas are known for their irregular grooming. They can shed at different times. For owners, who want to keep their dogs looking good, hand a small pair of relatively sharp trimming scissors can do the trick.

These long haired Chihuahuas also can get a lot of lice in their coats. A good anti lice soap or shampoo is essential. Getting rid of lice keeps the dogs happy and healthy, and stops them scratching all over the place. This stops them from damaging their coats and scratching themselves. It also stops lice from getting all over the furniture, which is be a nasty byproduct of the long haired Chihuahuas’ shiny fur coat.

You don’t need a lot of special products to keep long haired Chihuahuas groomed well. Shampoo and a good comb will do. Also, get an anti lice and mite comb, which can help scrape away excess dry skin which prevents lice. Taking care of long haired Chihuahuas is actually quite easy compared with other kinds of dogs. Their long fur coats are not the longest in the dog world, even though they are longer than the short haired variety.

Because Chihuahuas are small (under 6 pounds), they can be groomed pretty easily and quickly, so it doesn’t take up much of your time. A veterinarian can give you some more tips to groom long haired Chihuahua puppies.

Grooming Chihuahuas is important for their overall health as well as for the safety and comfort of your home. In addition, it is not difficult. In fact, long haired Chihuahuas are some of the easiest dogs to take care of in terms of grooming. Just remember that they need to be brushed daily and shampooed every couple of weeks. Take care of any lice problems immediately.

And that is how to take care of long haired Chihuahuas.