Hair Replacement

Hair replacement is becoming more and more popular in the recent years among people who suffer from hair loss. Due to the advance of medical technology, hair replacement became more common – its prices got more reasonable and its outcome got better.

If you consider having a hair replacement, read the following first:

1. Permanent hair transplant surgery is not new. Actually, the first hair transplant surgery was held over 30 years ago.

2. Hair replacement transplant uses only your existing hair. That’s why in order to get a hair replacement transplant you must have hair in good condition at the sides and at the back of your head (“The donor areas”)

3. If you have almost no hair left over your head, hair replacement could not help you. There are different techniques of hair replacement transplant according to the ratio of hair fullness required.

4. Hair replacement is not only for men – It could be a good solution for female hair loss in some cases.

5. Hair replacement surgery is usually safe and has no side effects. However, in some cases there could be infections like any surgery.

6. Hair replacement surgery is normally performed using a local anesthesia; you should little or no pain at all.

7. Hair replacement process requires several sessions with an interval of a couple of months between them. All the process can take up to two years.

8. You will be asked to refrain of any sport activity after each hair replacement session.

9. Make sure that your physician has performed a lot of hair replacement processes and that he knows and has an experience using all the different techniques.

10. Hair replacement is a completely individual process. You must ask the physician how your hair will look after the process.

Hair replacement is a legitimate hair loss solution. However, it is an extreme one. We strongly advice you try other hair loss solution before trying this one.