Diamonds: Why They Are The Most Coveted Gems

As the saying goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Ask any woman for that matter and you would find out that majority prefer diamonds over any other type of gem when it comes to jewelry. Diamonds adorn engagement rings and wedding rings as well. True, these stones come with a price (and what an expensive price it is) but every woman whether she can afford it or not would want to have these stones whether it be given or purchased. This could probably be attributed to the fact that having a diamond is a symbol of wealth and also because investing in these types of jewelry is considered a valuable investment whose value appreciates through the years.

Dating back to ancient times, diamonds have been worn by people in authority especially those in royalty to symbolize power, might and bravery. In fact, the word “diamond” which is derived from Adamas (which is Greek) means invincible, cannot be conquered. This is probably why the diamond has been used as a symbol of love since love conquers all.

Diamonds are expensive because they are rare and precious. In fact it takes tons of ores to produce even just a carat of diamond. They are also being sought after because of its sheer beauty and the mystery that it holds. Diamonds truly fascinate anybody given the opportunity to behold it in all its beauty.

Most people may be more familiar with the clear colorless diamonds or those with just a slight hint of color but actually you can also find natural fancy color diamonds that are quite rare and very expensive as well. They can come in the colors pink, red and green which are the rare ones as well as shades of brown or yellow which are the more common ones. When you are looking for a diamond to purchase you need to bear in mind certain considerations which are known in the jewelry industry as the 4C’s in buying diamonds. It is important that you take into consideration the color, cut, clarity and carat. A fifth C that you could also include would be cost.

It is important in buying these precious stones to have an idea of how to choose them appropriately to avoid being deceived by retail jewelers who may be out to defraud or give you something of a lesser value for what you will be paying for.