Diamond Jewelry Has Lasted For Ages

Diamond jewelry is the ultimate fantasy for women and perhaps men too. Kings were known to adorn diamonds in their ornaments, equaling or more than their queens. Diamond jewelry is timeless and can never go out of style.

Diamond is probably one of the most precious stones today and the jewelry made out of this exotic stone is unparalleled. With innovative designs coming into the market, the choice of diamond jewelry is unlimited and caters to all needs. Earlier, it was so expensive that only the aristocrats or the very rich could afford it, but now as with everything else, it is more within reach for the common man too, although it is costlier compared to other gems.

Diamond jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes. There are engagement rings, wedding rings, ear rings, chains, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, diamonds set in various metals like gold, silver, white gold, and platinum, jewelry combined with other precious gems, and a host of other jewelry.

Diamonds are very valuable, especially the ones that are finely cut. Learning about them helps in giving one the ability to choose when it is time to buy this precious stone. Diamond jewelry is considered to be an investment of a lifetime. To help determine the quality of the diamond jewelry you are buying, you need to understand the four C’s.

The four C’s are the cut, clarity, carat weight, and color. These control a diamond’s appearance. The cut of a diamond does not mean the shape. When you hear gemologists say ‘cut’, they are referring to the proportions of the gemstone, like the width, depth and uniformity. These are the characteristics of a diamond that affect the durability and brilliance of a diamond, and this is what people look for when buying diamond jewelry. The clarity of the diamond jewelry means the perfectly clear stones. This flawless stone is very rare to find and when found will be very expensive. But then, when you are buying diamond jewelry, these flaws are not seen with the naked eye unless you use a magnifying glass. Carat weight is the size of the diamond. The diamond jewelry or loose diamonds are priced based on the carat weight. Color of a diamonds are graded from D-Z. The ones from D-F are colorless and from G-J, they are almost colorless. The color is comprehensible to the naked eye only from I or J.

Buying diamond jewelry is one thing and wondering if you bought a good one is another. The above guidelines should help you in deciding whether what you are buying is worth the investment or not.

I know the general notion that diamonds are tough and you can handle your diamond jewelry the way you want. That is not true. You do need to take care of your diamond jewelry for it to last a lifetime. Although diamond is one of the strongest metal on earth, it can still chip with a hard hit. Clean your diamond jewelry with ammonia and water using a very soft brush. Make sure that you don’t discolor the metal. Perspiration, lotions, and other cleaners can dull the stones. Store diamond jewelry in velvet pouches to avoid scratching.

Diamond jewelry is the ultimate in adornments and understanding a little about it makes it easier to buy and enjoy it. Jewelry made with this precious gemstone does not compare with anything else and stands out in a crowd. Show off your diamond jewelry and enjoy the feeling of elation.