Diamond is Forever and Eternity

Diamond is perceived as the most precious of all precious stones and is peerless. It is a woman’s best friend and a symbol of love. It shines and glitters and symbolizes purity and strength.

In ancient times, a diamond was considered to be a sign of magic, sanctity, healing, energy, happiness, beauty, and longevity when used, but the saying goes that a diamond is poison when consumed. It was known for its goodness and power to remove all evil. In today’s world, a diamond is regarded as a status symbol, an ornament of beauty worn by the rich and depicts a luxurious lifestyle.

A diamond is forever. You would have heard this. The reason for this saying is because it is the hardest natural material and very difficult to break. It is also a good conductor of heat and a nonconductor of electricity. It is another form of dark carbon.

Time was when diamond jewelry was only seen in royal portraits or in the beautifully designed catalogues and books. Today, sales of diamonds have taken a dramatic upward turn with branded diamond jewelry being available to millions of women. This treasured stone of romance and power has become very popular over the centuries.

A diamond is available in all shapes and colors, in fact more so than other gems. The weight measurement of a diamond is the ‘carat’. The larger the diamond, the more the carat. Big sized diamonds are a rarity and the value increases as the size gets bigger.

Diamond jewelry is the most expensive types of jewelry. Diamond pendants and rings are a craze, especially engagement rings. Diamonds are usually set in gold, white gold, silver, or platinum, the latter being more expensive. The combination of pearls and diamonds is a delight to the eyes.

“The rarest things in the world, next to a spirit of discernment, are diamonds and pearls.”
By ~Jean de la Bruyere

There are several innovative ways that diamonds are being used, which includes imbedding them in watches too. These watches though expensive are a great gift for big occasions for loved ones when you are on the lookout for expensive gifts.

Grading of diamonds is something the one needs to know. The colors are graded from D to Z, with the lesser color being higher in value. Color D is the rarest and is colorless with a blue tinge. Since colors filter light, the reflected light is less than a colorless diamond.

For the sake of some light hearted talk on diamonds, lets delve into some superstitions that were prevalent earlier on. Diamonds that have a red or yellow hue were thought to be good for a king, because they were considered auspicious.
The white hued diamond was said to be perfect for anything religious or spiritual. The yellow hued one was said to be the one for prosperity and success. Black hue was thought to be suitable for those that are in smaller jobs. Women who wanted to give birth to sons were asked to wear a white diamond with a small black hue. It was also stressed that one should never wear a blemished diamond as it brings bad luck to the person wearing it. All these may sound like unbelievable superstitions to the nonbeliever, but these were followed quite strictly earlier. But then if you go to see, even in the modern world, in some countries, many people will not wear a diamond unless they get it checked to see if it is the right one for them.

Interesting facts aren’t they. A diamond has an indescribable aura surrounding it, and it is fascinating to learn about it.