Hormonal Supplements

Hormones play a crucial role in hair growth process. There are a number of hormones governing hair growth in men and women. This is where the significance of high hormone supplements originates.
Testosterone and Estrogen are two examples of hormones governing human hair growth. Testosterone governs bard, body hair and armpit among men. Estrogen prevents hair growth on the chin among women. It also preserves frontal hair. Disturbance in estrogen level causes hair loss and balding among women.

Some other examples of hormones regulating hair growth are as follows –
Human Growth Hormone (HGH), Di Hydro Epi Androsterone (DHEA), Melatonin the sleep hormone, the natural progesterone, the natural bromelein.
Human Growth Hormone (HGH) – It is secreted by pituitary gland. It reaches its peak level during adolescence. And then it starts decreasing. Humans produce 500 mg of growth hormone at the age of 20. It comes down to 200 mg at the age of 40. And it is a paltry 25 mg at 80. Post-adolescence, one can use HGH supplement for various purposes including healthy hair. You may take natural hormone replacement pills or synthroids. But you must be careful about general health and nutrient intake.
Di Hydro Epi Androsterone (DHEA) – This steroid is found abundantly in the body. Improper intake of this highly potent hormone can cause male pattern baldness beside increasing facial hair growth. Over the counter hormonal supplements like androstenedione, pregnenolone and DHEA can cause hair thinning. Rather one should use FDA approved treatments like Rogaine and Propecia. Avodart and Nizoral also come in the list of high hormone supplements.
Melatonin – It increases anagen hair rate in women with pattern baldness. It plays a key role in hair growth. Some hormones secreted from pituitary and thyroid glands have significant impact on hair growth.
Dietary and Vitamin supplements
Various dietary and vitamin supplements also play determinative roles in hair growth. And they form core parts of the overall modern hair care mechanism.
Dietary supplements – One should also be careful about diet for healthy hair. The present day busy lifestyle demands more dietary supplements on a daily basis. A proper diet intake will go a long way in supporting a healthy hair growth.
The elements that an ideal diet for healthy hair should contain include –
o pantothemic acid
o L-Cystine
o vitamin C
o folic acid
o Vanadium
o Chromium
o Molybdenum
o zinc picolinate
o iron
o copper
Sometimes the dietary supplements contain stress vitamins and energy releasers. They are present in addition to the vital components.
Nutrition ingredients generally contained by dietary supplements are as follows –
• Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) – It is an antioxidant water-soluble vitamin needed for proper and healthy hair growth.
• L-cysteine and l-tyrosine – They are the basic amino acids in human hair. L-cysteine comprises up to 14 per cent of the hair. It is available in chicken and aged grains.
• Vitamin C – Deficiency of this water-soluble nutrient stops the flow of nutrients to the hair follicles. Its deficiency also causes hair tangling and breaking. The sources of Vitamin C include citrus fruits, green vegetables, tomatoes and potatoes.
• Folic acid (vitamin B9) – It prevents thinning and graying of hair. It is found in cereals, lentils, asparagus, spinach, black beans, peanuts, orange, enriched breads, romaine lettuce and broccoli.
• Vanadium, molybdenum, chromium, zinc picolinate, iron and copper are important minerals for restoration and growth of hair.
Vitamin supplements – Hair loss vitamin supplement is also helpful in getting a healthy hair. These supplements are no less effective than hair growth shampoos or conditioners. Vitamins supplementing hair growth include –
• Vitamin A – Its role in cell division, differentiation and immune regulation makes it crucial in hair growth phases. Retinol is the most usable form of this vitamin. Its source lies in eggs, liver, whole milk and fortified foods like fat-reduced milk, cereals and breads.
• Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) – Thiamin is available in meat, whole grains, cereals, pasta, dried beans, nuts, blackstrap molasses, rice, brewer’s yeast, bran and wheat germ.
• Vitamin B12 – Its deficiency leads to malnutrition and deterioration of hair health. It is found in dairy products, eggs, meat, poultry and fish.
• Niacin (Vitamin B3) – The sources of Vitamin B3 include most high-protein foods like beef, chicken and turkey, tuna and other fatty fish like salmon and swordfish, pork, brewer’s yeast, beets, milk, peanuts and sunflower seeds.
• Vitamin B-6 – The foods offering Vitamin B-6 include beef liver, lentils, chicken, turkey, shrimp, salmon, tuna, soybeans, nuts, brown rice, carrots, sunflowers seeds, wheat germ, avocados, peanut butter, pork, whole grains, bananas and many vegetables.
• Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) – They are found in dark green leafy vegetables, asparagus, beans, kelp, soybeans and soy flour. Other sources include oranges, strawberries, rice, brewer’s yeast, beef and liver.
• Vitamin C – Red and green peppers, leafy greens like beet tops, turnip greens and spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, potatoes brussels sprouts, squash, cauliflower and cabbage have rich supply of Vitamin C. Fruits like pineapple, oranges, watermelon, papaya, kiwi, mango, cantaloupe, raspberries, cranberries and blueberries are good source of Vitamin C.
• Vitamin D – This Vitamin is available in fortified milk and cereals, cod liver oil, egg yolks, liver, and fatty fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines and herring.
• Vitamin E – Vitamin E is found in wheat germ, peanuts, vegetable oils like corn, soybean and safflower, almonds, walnuts, meat, dairy products, fruits and green leafy vegetables like spinach. Many of its natural sources are rich in fats. And that makes it an effective hair growth supplement.
• Vitamin H – Its sources include egg yolks, rice, soy products, cauliflower, oatmeal, barley, whole wheat, milk, cereals, almonds, beef liver, peanuts and brewer’s yeast.
• Vitamin K – Vitamin K is found in collard greens, apples, avocados, asparagus, green beans, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, olive oil, cauliflower, dark green lettuce, oranges, peas, potatoes, soybeans, etc.

Home Remedies For Shiny Hair

We all love our hair and would not mind taking that extra step to take care them. For beautiful, lustrous and shiny hair use these simple home remedies.

• A tea and beer rinse is one of the oldest ways to bring shine to your hair. Boil used tea leaves in enough water, let it cool and then use this liquid as the last rinse.

• In the similar fashion you can use flat beer (i.e. after letting the fizz out). This is a great conditioner to be used for your hair.

• Lemon juice mixed with water can also be used as a last rinse to give your hair a shiny and bouncy look.

• A shiny look is also provided if you use vinegar for your final rinse.

• To bring that shine one can use honey to keep your scalp moisturized. You can make honey lotion for your hair by mixing 3 teaspoons of honey for pint of water.

• The use of henna as a natural conditioner proves to be very beneficial for your hair. It helps to bring back the bounce and flair of your hair which has been lacking for quite a while.

• You can add small amount of baking soda in the shampoo which, removes dirt and grease from your hair to give you the shiny look.

• To remove the dirt and other matter from your hair you can use one fourth cup of apple cider vinegar in one gallon of condensed water. This can be stored in the refrigerator and can be used every two weeks for clean, smooth, silky and shiny hair. The proper way to use this solution is to wet your hair with warm water, shampoo it later rinse it. Pour two cups of this mixture and leave it in your hair for sometime. The last stage is to rinse your hair with cold-water.

• To get that extra shine for your hair brew one cup of strong espresso, let it cool. Pour the espresso over your dry hair and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse it to get the extra shine and glow.

• You can also make Egg shampoo at home which requires 1 egg, 1 teaspoon olive oil, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon castile soap, 1/2 a cup water or herbal tea and last but not the least 5 drops of essential oils of your choice. Blend all these together to make an Egg shampoo which can bring shine to your hair.

• Many of us who want to clean their hair use shampoos. Try this for a change, massage baking soda into your hair and scalp. This absorbs oil and loosens the dead skin on the scalp. Rinse it thoroughly with water. In the initial stages the hair would be dry but after several weeks you would be dandruff free with smooth and shiny hair.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.

Hollywood Hairstyles

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Heriditary Hair loss

The ordinary kind of hair loss, called hereditary hair loss, can affect both men and women, but women are usually affected less than men. The condition is so common that it nearly can be regarded as a part of the normal aging process.


The pattern of hair loss and baldness are different for men and women. On men special areas on the head begin get totally bald. These areas are usually at both sides of the front, and the top back side of the head. The hair loss then progresses with these areas extending, and at last most of the head can be totally without hair. However, a great area in the neck uses to remain unaffected and keeps a thick hair cover. The same is usually true about the area in front of each ear.

On women all the hair on the head begins thinning, and then gradually progress over the whole head for many years. Women seldom get totally bald areas on their head, but the hair often gets so thin that the scalp is clearly visible through the hair.


The skin has there layers: The outer layer, called epidermis, consists of epithelial cells. Under this lies the dermis consisting of connective tissue. At the bottom there is a layer called the hypodermis consisting mostly of fat cells.

The skin has narrow pores, hair follicles, extending from the surface down to the top of the sub-dermis, called hair follicles. A hair extend from a growth zone in the bottom of each hair follicle and out at the skin surface

By the common form of hair loss, a substance in the body, dihydroxy-testosterone (DHT), gives a signal to the cells in the hair follicles that make these cells divide less so that the production of hair slows or stops.

DHT is a metabolic product from testosterone, the male sex hormone. Also women have some amount of testosterone and DHT in their body, and therefore hair loss also affects women.

Only cells that are susceptible to the influence from DHT will slow the growth process. This susceptibility is inherited from the parents by some individuals, and not by other. Follicle cells in the lower parts of the head are usually also resistant against the influence from DHT, and therefore these areas seldom get bald.

The effectiveness of hair growth will not only be affected by DHT. Other substances found in the tissue may give the cells signals to divide more, and nutrients like vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids may make the growth process more effective. Some substances in the tissue may also block the DHT or ease the removal of this substance. Therefore all individuals susceptible to the influence of DHT will not lose hair in the same extent.


Having a good diet giving the body vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants in the right amount may slow down the speed of hair loss.

There exist pharmacological products on the market that can help against hair loss, but usually not 100% effectively. Medicines used to treat prostate hypertrophy also have been proven to stop hair loss and to get hair to regain, because these drugs block the substance DHT. Propecia is a prescription bound drug to take by mouth based on an original prostate medicine.

Rogain is a topical drug to apply 2-3 times each day that does not block the DHT, but stimulates the hair follicles cells to proliferate better.

There are many natural products on the market to help against hair loss. These products often contain several substances working together by different principles.

They may contain vitamins or minerals that are necessary for hair growth. Other substances give signals to the hair follicles to increase hair growth, for example procyanidin B2. Some ingredients work as anti-oxidants that inhibit oxidative attack on the follicle cells, like L-arginine.

Some natural products also contain substances to block DHT. Saw palmetto extract contains substances acting as DHT blockers by much of the same mechanism as prostate medicines.
Still other ingredients can reduce the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Grean tea extract have shown itself to contain substances with this effect.

Surgery is an effective treatment against baldness in limited areas. By surgery hair follicles from parts of the scull immune to DHT are moved to bold areas. The hair in the treated areas will however not get as tight as naturally growing hair.

It is also possible to implant artificial hair into the scalp. By this method, large bald areas can be covered, but the treatment implies a certain danger for infection, requires good hair hygiene afterwards and requires a regular refill to replace lost hairs.

Herbs for hair growth

Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. The hair that we see and care so much about is actually nothing but dead cells. The part that is living is below the scalp and is called the follicle. Near the follicle are the sebaceous glands that make the hair look vibrant and shiny. These sebaceous glands make the hair look oily or dry depending on the sebum production.

The following are the uses of herbs for hair growth:

The first positive thing about using herbs for hair growth is that there are no side effects associated with them like the drugs that are available in the market. If you have Lifeless hair, it can be made better with massage with good herbal oil.

 Applying henna to hair deep conditions it. Henna is a very traditional and widely used treatment for hair growth. This herb is available in tropics. Henna is also used as a natural dye. Henna is mixed with other herbs like gooseberry, coffee and lemon juice. This mixture is a very good cure for hair fall.

 Massage your hair with warm oil. Take a fresh green coconut and massage some warm coconut milk into the hair. Keep this on for an hour and a half. This will make the hair soft and healthy.
 Use Aloe Vera gel on the hair once in a week and wash your hair.
 Hair loss is usually due to infection that harms the follicle. You can get rid of this infection by the use of the water on the hair with Neem leaves that have been boiled for 5 minutes. Neem is considered as a natural disinfectant and doesn’t damage the hair shaft. It is also known to cure dandruff, which is also one of the reasons for hair loss.
 Honey mixed with warm oil and a teaspoonful of cinnamon powder has to be rubbed into the scalp. This should be left on the scalp for around 15 minutes. This helps in hair growth and helps in keeping the hair soft and shiny.
 Crushed olive leaves mixed with vinegar should be applied on the hair. This a great remedy for hair loss.
 A paste made of honey and egg yolk is also used for hair growth. To counter the smell caused by egg can be countered by rinsing the hair with lemon juice

Doctors recommend diets rich in nutrients that boost the growth of hair. If your want to stop hair loss you should include lots of ‘Vitamin A’ rich diet. Eat green leafy vegetables like spinach, milk, sprouted beans and salads. Increase the intake of Protein rich diet and you will naturally healthy hairs which promote hair growth.

Good hair adds beauty to your personality and it is only a healthy body that can be capped with beautiful hair. Eating nutritious diet and protein rich diets that are healthy to your health will add starts to your crowning glory.

Herbal Treatment forr Faster Hair Growthr

Hair growth patterns in humans depend upon the interaction of natural cycles of hair growth and hair loss. The hair growth cycles follow a structured process that has 3 phases. These 3 phases are – anagen (the growth phase), catagen (the transitional phase) and telogen (The resting Phase). The hair is actively growing only in the anagen phase where it increases in length by about 1 cm in every 28 days. Hair loss occurs when the hair is in the resting phase. Most hairs in the resting phase lie in the skin separated from the dermal papilla at its base. Since the hair is not held tightly at its root, it is prone to shedding at any point.

The entire hair growth cycle is under the influence of hormones and their metabolic products. Dihydrotestosterone is the most important metabolite that plays the major role in retarding the hair growth and affecting hair loss. Accumulation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) within the hair follicle is considered to be the main cause of hair loss.

The DHT mediates the hair loss through its direct action on the androgenic receptors in human scalp tissue. It interrupts the normal physiologic environment and function of the hair follicles. Faster hair growth in both men and women is possible if action of DHT is blocked.

The organic extracts of some of the herbal formulations act at the level of the androgenic receptors of the scalp. These extracts contain substances which directly compete with DHT with its action. They act as a natural androgenic blocker by inhibiting the active binding of DHT to the hair follicle receptors. When this binding is inhibited the amount of follicle damage is automatically reverted and follicles respond by affecting quick hair growth.

There are many natural herbs which have known to act as DHT antagonists. The use of herbs and herbal products has become broadly accepted in the contemporary culture for their unique potential to induce rapid hair growth.

Women have increased hair loss after the menopause. That is also because of increased production of DHT. Herbal supplements and herbal formulas used in hair growth products induce a quick hair growth in women.

The herbal hair growth supplements have found widespread acceptance as remedies for inducing faster hair growth. There are many good reasons to consider herbal hair growth supplements as the best form of treatment for hair related problems. The best reason may be the fact that herbs and herbal products have shown to provide quick hair growth benefits while maintaining a remarkable safety profile.

Equal parts of wild yam root, licorice, motherwort, black cohosh, chamomile, valerian root and skullcap can be taken as safe herbal supplements for hair loss due to loss of estrogen production. Estrogen is known to offer protection over the deleterious affects of DHT. All these herbs are known to simulate estrogen in women to result in rapid hair growth.

Dong Quai with other herbs if taken as herbal tea can serve as a special medication for faster hair growth in females. The medication is quite effective for maintaining the hair growth potential by regulating female hormone and hair growth cycles in pre-menstrual women.

Herbal Treatment for Faster Hair Growth

Hair growth patterns in humans depend upon the interaction of natural cycles of hair growth and hair loss. The hair growth cycles follow a structured process that has 3 phases. These 3 phases are – anagen (the growth phase), catagen (the transitional phase) and telogen (The resting Phase). The hair is actively growing only in the anagen phase where it increases in length by about 1 cm in every 28 days. Hair loss occurs when the hair is in the resting phase. Most hairs in the resting phase lie in the skin separated from the dermal papilla at its base. Since the hair is not held tightly at its root, it is prone to shedding at any point.

The entire hair growth cycle is under the influence of hormones and their metabolic products. Dihydrotestosterone is the most important metabolite that plays the major role in retarding the hair growth and affecting hair loss. Accumulation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) within the hair follicle is considered to be the main cause of hair loss.

The DHT mediates the hair loss through its direct action on the androgenic receptors in human scalp tissue. It interrupts the normal physiologic environment and function of the hair follicles. Faster hair growth in both men and women is possible if action of DHT is blocked.

The organic extracts of some of the herbal formulations act at the level of the androgenic receptors of the scalp. These extracts contain substances which directly compete with DHT with its action. They act as a natural androgenic blocker by inhibiting the active binding of DHT to the hair follicle receptors. When this binding is inhibited the amount of follicle damage is automatically reverted and follicles respond by affecting quick hair growth.

There are many natural herbs which have known to act as DHT antagonists. The use of herbs and herbal products has become broadly accepted in the contemporary culture for their unique potential to induce rapid hair growth.

Women have increased hair loss after the menopause. That is also because of increased production of DHT. Herbal supplements and herbal formulas used in hair growth products induce a quick hair growth in women.

The herbal hair growth supplements have found widespread acceptance as remedies for inducing faster hair growth. There are many good reasons to consider herbal hair growth supplements as the best form of treatment for hair related problems. The best reason may be the fact that herbs and herbal products have shown to provide quick hair growth benefits while maintaining a remarkable safety profile.

Equal parts of wild yam root, licorice, motherwort, black cohosh, chamomile, valerian root and skullcap can be taken as safe herbal supplements for hair loss due to loss of estrogen production. Estrogen is known to offer protection over the deleterious affects of DHT. All these herbs are known to simulate estrogen in women to result in rapid hair growth.

Dong Quai with other herbs if taken as herbal tea can serve as a special medication for faster hair growth in females. The medication is quite effective for maintaining the hair growth potential by regulating female hormone and hair growth cycles in pre-menstrual women.

Herbal Hair Loss Remedies

Herbs hold an obvious appeal for many people because they support the body’s natural healing mechanisms to target the cause of the problem, as opposed to merely tackling the symptoms. It would be wrong to present herbal hair loss remedies as a miracle solution for all sufferers – there is however growing evidence to support the view that some herbal remedies offer real hope to many people.

Let’s examine the case for some of the more popular remedies to determine if they’re worth trying.

Ginkyo biloba – this popular herb is thought to improve blood circulation to the brain and skin. Herbalists believe that the increased flow of blood to the brain area delivers more nutrients to the hair follicle thus promoting hair regrowth. The recommended dose is 120-160mg of dry extract each day spread over three doses.

Green tea (Camellia sinesis) – it is thought that catechins found in green tea may inhibit the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase that converts testosterone into hair-unfriendly DHT. It is therefore believed to be effective in preventing and treating male pattern type baldness. You should drink several cups of green tea each day or take it in capsule form as instructed by the manufacturer.

He Shou Wu (Polygonum multiflorum) – also known as Fo-Ti, this Chinese herb has traditionally been used to reduce hair loss. It is found in many commercial preparations, or in tea and capsule form.

Pygeum (Pygeum africanum) – derived from the bark of an evergreen, it works in a similar way to green tea. It is widely used to treat prostate problems and male pattern baldness. Users should take 60-500mg per day in pill or capsule form.

Saw palmetto (Seranoa repens) – this is the current treatment of choice for many men due to its ability to protect the prostate, slow hair loss and encourage hair regrowth. It forms the core element of many commercially prepared hair loss treatments but can easily be obtained in its pure form. The recommended dose is a 160mg capsule twice each day, but make sure the ingredients are made from the berry extract not the dried berries themselves.

Stinging nettle (Urtica diocia) – this has long been favored as a means of preventing hair loss due to its ability to block the conversion of testosterone into DHT. It can be taken in pill or capsule form with an optimum dose of 50-100mg per day. It is particularly effective when combined with pygeum and saw palmetto.

Herbal DHT Blocker

Herbal DHT Blocker – Your safest bet!

If you are a victim of DHT hair loss a herbal DHT blocker (http://www.dhtblocker.net/herbal-dht-blocker.html) might just be your safest bet to over come the problem and salvage what’s left of your hair. DHT hair loss affects almost ninety five percent of men all over the world it is the highest factor contributing to hair loss. So how does DHT actually make a man (or woman) lose their hair? The explanation is simpler than the cure, unfortunately.

How DHT affects the growth of hair

DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a by-product of a chemical reaction of an enzyme called the 5 alpha reductase and a hormone called testosterone. The two combine to form DHT, which ultimately causes complications in the body, the most common being DHT hair loss (http://www.procerin.com/). Though there are many DHT blockers in the market it is always safe to request your doctor to prescribe a herbal DHT blocker for your hair loss problem. A herbal DHT blocker actually prevents the reaction of 5 alpha reductase and testosterone to a great extent thus preventing the formation of DHT. It is when this DHT is formed in the hair follicles that trouble ensues. DHT binds itself to the cell receptors of the hair follicle and starves it of nutrients it would other wise get from the blood. This starvation finally kills the follicle, which first begins to grow weaker, thinner hair. The less on has of DHT the better for the hair growth and this is exactly what herbal DHT blocker supplements seek to achieve.

Some DHT Blockers supplied by nature

Some of the naturally occurring DHT blockers are found in Saw Palmetto, which is a palm-like plant found mostly in North American. The natural extracts from saw palmetto berries are rich in fatty acids and sterols known to block 5-Alpha-Reductase and reduce DHT binding with hair follicles. These fatty acids also reduce the binding of DHT to androgen receptors. The liposterolic extract of saw palmetto combined with beta-sitosterol has produced outstanding improvements in anti-androgen activity in numerous studies. The other herbal DHT Blocker (http://www.dhtblocker.net/) agents are Boarage oil, Stinging nettle, Green tea extract, Grape seeds, Apple skin, Black cohosh, Licorice, Ayurvedic anti-stress tea and many more herbal DHT blockers to be found at www.procerin.com.

Dry Textured Hair

Dry textured hair can be very frizzy and a hair dressers nightmare. It can be so curly and thick that it is hard to manage and shape. There are numerous products we see on TV that promise to treat dry, textured hair from steamers to automatic curlers. What the TV ads don’t tell you is that most of these items don’t work or take many hours or days of treatment to be effective. In this article we will discuss tips of what trained hair care specialists do for treating dry textured hair.

First you must properly clean your hair. When we say properly clean that doesn’t mean to wash your hair regularly. You must remove all the products you use to style your hair. People with dry, textured hair tend to be heavy users of hair sprays, gels, etc… These products can create build up and will block moisturizers from having maximum effect. This is why a hairdresser will sometimes repeat washing and rinsing a persons hair 2 or 3 times before applying conditioner. Also, if you have dandruff, use shampoos that will actually treat the source of the dandruff. Many cheaper shampoos will just remove the dandruff in your hair, but will not treat your dry scalp. This will just exacerbate the problem when you try to treat and style your hair.

Once the hair is thoroughly cleaned, apply a quality moisturizer. Cheap moisturizers are just that (you get what you pay for). Some may even have alcohol and other ingredients which can be detrimental to your hair and cause it to dry out even more.Natural moisturizers (organic is best) based on plants and oils tend to have the best effect. If you want to save some money BJ’s stores has their own version of Paul Mitchell’s haircare and it works great. To properly apply moisturizer, lift your hair and apply it to the base or roots of your hair first and then apply it to the full length of your hair. This will ensure proper application to both your hair and scalp. How long you leave it in and how often you should apply it is dependent upon how dry or tightly textured your hair is. A good rule of thumb for dry textured hair is 2-3 times per week for maintenance and 4-5 times for the first week..

Hair treatments like oil therapy and such can also be helpful with dry textured hair. In some cases, where the hair is also very thick then a thinning may be necessary. I would discuss this with your hair care professional first. Some other ideas are stay away from franchised hair cutting places (notice I didn’t say salon). Last thing you need is a bad style or cut from someone schooled in how to give you a 5 minute haircut.

A specialist will take into account your hair color, texture, facial features, desires, and fashion trends and your body to see what best suits you. They look at the whole picture and see your hair as frosting on a cake. As Jonathon says on the hugely popular show Blowout, “Your hair can make or break you. I want all my clients to feel and look like a superstar when I am done with their hair.” This is so true – a great haircut and style will make you shine. And you can also ask your specialist for advice on your hair, products they recommend for treating dry textured hair, even fashion tips.

Help With Hair Loss

Today, many women and men are looking for help to cure hair loss. It is a problem affecting one’s social life. Most of us feel that the outer appearance is an important thing to be successful. Hence there is great need for hair loss products..

Hair loss treatments are available in different forms such as medicines, lotions, and shampoos. To choose the drug that is right for you, you first need to figure out the cause of your hair loss. There are many reasons for losing hair: aging, heredity and hormonal imbalance. DHT, Dihydrotestosterone is an important precursor for hair loss. DHT will block the flow of essential nutrient to the hair, which in turn stops healthy hair growth.

Saw Palmetto is a powerful herb that lowers the DHT in the body by 5 alpha-reductase blockades. Saw Palmetto stops hair loss by blocking the cell membrane receptor sites in the hair follicle where DHT might get absorbed.

Another herb called Nettle Root also provides hair loss cure by preventing two enzymes viz., aromatase and 5 alpha-reductase, which makes estrogen and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) respectively. Research confirmed that these two enzymes have been blocked completely by the Nettle Root extract.

A cure of hair loss can also be achieved by choosing the medications that block DHT. Hair Genesis, NuGen, and Revivogen are the most suitable medications to block DHT in the scalp. Out of these three products, Revivogen is the most popular one. It fights against the thinning of hair by minimizing the DHT level in the scalp.

Viviscal, Nisim, Folligen and Tricomin are the commonly available shampoos, scalp lotions and conditioners that help to stop hair loss. Viviscal is used extensively for curing hair loss. It is available in tablet form also. Folligen is available with copper peptides to treat hair loss. Tricomin is available in three forms as spray, shampoo and conditioner. It also contains copper.

Trace minerals such as Zinc and magnesium also help to stop hair loss. Zinc is mainly helpful in fighting against skin problems such as boils, sore throats and acne. In addition to this, Zinc plays a crucial role in cell division.

Though there are so many medicines are available to help treating hair loss, only two medications (Rogaine and Propecia) have been approved by the FDA. Rogaine and Propecia are used by men all over the world to stop hair loss.

Hearing Loss Can Be A Great Loss

If you or someone you love has started to experience hearing loss, than you know firsthand what a great loss hearing loss actually is. As a physician’s assistant, I get to work with people all the time who are dealing with the beginning stages of hearing loss.

If you’re anything like me, then your hearing is something that you definitely take for granted. You don’t think too much about the privilege of being able to hear everything around you because it has simply always been that way. You grow up hearing the voices of the ones you love, the music that you love, and all the other fabulous (and annoying) sounds in the world. Think about all of the smallest sounds that make up the sounds of your day: your turn signal blinking in the car, the keys of your keyboard as you type an email, the coffee pot as it creates your pick-me-up brew, or the sink as the water gets hot. All of these sounds, and so many more, make up the small details of our worlds. Can you imagine dealing with hearing loss and not being able to hear these ordinary things?

We’ve probably all experienced the temporary hearing loss that comes from having water in our ears or from having a really bad cold. There is nothing like not being able to hear the people around you. Hearing loss, no matter how small or severe, makes communication with people really difficult and frustrating. We rely on our abilities to talk and to hear in every significant relationship in our lives.

Or take your job for example. Regardless of what you do, isn’t the ability to hear quite significant to your work? How would you sit through a board meeting or teach a class or make a phone call if you had hearing loss? Once you start to really think about the role of hearing in our lives, you can never deny the privilege and the blessing it really is.

In today’s age, there are many ways to battle against hearing loss and to use techonology to restore hearing loss. So if you or someone you know is struggling with the beginning stages of hearing loss, then make an appointment to see your doctor today and see what you can be done to keep your hearing intact. You won’t know how valuable hearing is until you lose it, so do what you can do preserve your hearing starting today.

healthy hair

Being physically attractive has always been an important facet of our society and culture. The pressure to look perfect has never been as strong as it is right now. Men and women off all ages feel pressure from society and media to look healthy, young, and as perfect as humanly possible.

Shockingly, men have begun to exhibit the same damaging effects that this pressure can have on people. “Manorexia” is just one of the new names concocted to encapsulate the oddity of men suffering from what have historically been female diseases. Although the pressure to look great does affect both men and women, it has only been recently that men have begun to respond to it with over-dieting, over-exercising, and plastic surgery the way that many women do.

If you want to look perfect but are not as deeply affected as others, you may find that simple remedies are enough to satisfy you. Start off by working on the basic elements of physical attraction – skin, hair, and teeth. These are the things that people first see and will determine whether or not they feel an instant attraction to you. Let’s start with health hair.

Having healthy hair is relatively easy. If you wash and condition your hair regularly, you are more than half-way there. Having a full head of healthy hair will also require a bit of a good diet. Having healthy hair does not require that you stop eating bad foods, rather it is important that you get lots of great foods that are full of vitamins, minerals, and, oh yes, fat. Oils are a necessary ingredient when it comes to having healthy hair, nails, and skin.

Your diet will also affect your teeth and skin. Be sure to get plenty of calcium for strong, healthy teeth. Drinking lots of water helps clean out the pores and make your skin look healthier. You may even find that you are glowing.

Brush your teeth at least twice everyday and use a whitening toothpaste to make your teeth look years younger. You don’t have to have the straightest teeth, but they must be clean and bright if you want to attract and impress someone.

Having healthy hair, skin, and teeth will take you leaps and bounds when it comes to the dating scene. Healthy hair, skin, and teeth tell others that you take good care of yourself – which is very attractive no matter who you are or what kind of person you may be looking for.

This means quality shampoos

Like you, I also want to look and feel my best. One of the drawbacks of being human is that we’re always self-conscious about our appearances. We can’t help it. Call it thousands of years of scrutiny. It always makes me laugh when I hear someone say that so-and-so made a negative remark concerning their hair, body or image, but they don’t care. Uh, sure they don’t care. This is as false as statements get. We all care. We simply can’t help it. If someone tells you that your teeth look bad, it will bother you. You may force it to the back of your mind, but it will still affect you in some way. The only trick with this game is to hide it as best as you can. Act like it doesn’t matter, and give the person no satisfaction. Then you can address the issue on your own and see if it really calls for improvement. My daughter, for example, has issues with her hair. She constantly feels that it looks poor. Although I see a head of healthy hair, she sees a dew that’s not quite up-to-par.

Our hair certainly calls for attention. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. You still have to treat your dew with respect if you want it to look nice. Healthy hair is not free. Well, at least not totally free. So what goes into keeping our follicles healthy? This is quite amusing considering they’re already dead. Anyway, you should follow certain procedures. Vitamins, minerals, and a healthy diet with plenty of water are imperative for healthy hair. It’s called treating from the inside. But, that’s not the whole spiel. You also have to take proper measures from the exterior as well. This means quality shampoos, conditioners and hair products. It’s imperative to properly cleanse and condition your hair to keep it looking healthy and feeling soft. I doubt you want a head of brittle straw.

So, we’ve determined that healthy hair is not free of charge. Some legitimate effort goes into keeping your dew primed and ready. One thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that your hair may thin as you age. This is natural. But, you may want to take precautions in order to retain the healthy hair you currently have. There are products and treatments that help with this. Ask your physician or beautician for advice.

Healthy Hair Vitamins

There a number of different specific hair vitamins and minerals that can play a major role in helping a person have a healthy head of hair. If a person does not have sufficient hair vitamins then the deficiencies can lead to thinning hair or even total baldness in the most severe cases. The fact is that the state of a person’s hair reflects the overall condition of their body. Extra hair vitamins are likely to be needed if a person is generally unwell or is undernourished as their hair will show damage too and may even stop growing.

Some of the most important hair vitamins that a person needs to have healthy hair include B6, biotin, inositol and folic acid. The best way to ensure that a person receives enough of these essential hair vitamins are for them to be taken as vitamin supplements. It is not just hair vitamins that are necessary for healthy hair though as there are a number of minerals that are essential, including magnesium, sulphur, silica and zinc.

The most essential hair vitamin is vitamin a but the best form of this is to include in the diet is beta-carotene. This is because the hair vitamin A can be toxic if consumed in large quantities but beta-carotene has no such problems and is converted by the body into vitamin A that can be used to promote healthy hair. Of course, vitamin A is not just a hair vitamin, it is also needed for a number of other functions including normal growth of bones, skin, nails and the protective sheath surrounding nerve fibres.

Protein is another essential hair vitamin. This is because hair itself is essentially protein. The amount of this hair vitamin that a person consumes in their diet can affect the hair directly. If a lot of protein is included in a person’s diet then this hair vitamin will lead to improved hair growth and a far fuller head of hair. However, a person who has a diet that is lacking in this hair vitamin will suffer from thinning hair and slow hair growth.

Of course, it is not just hair vitamins and minerals that are needed to ensure that a person has healthy, strong hair. There are a number of researchers who have found that there are direct links between the overall health of a person and the condition of their hair. If a person is under a lot of stress or suffers from a lack of sleep then their hair is also likely to suffer and it is likely that their diet will not provide enough hair vitamins to counter these effects. Hair vitamin and mineral supplements can be the solution to weak and damaged hair.

Healthy Hair Support for Women

Why go to the extent of all those medical costs when you can do it cheaper and safer the natural way. For the first time in the history of mankind
it is now possible to stop or slow the progression of hair loss and to replace lost hair through surgery with completely natural results. We have discovered an all-natural herbal hair loss product called Provillus. In addition to helping with scalp hair regrowth, these natural treatments often have other health benefits as well.

Hair thinning is emotionally stressful for most of the 43 million women over age 18 who experience it. Hair thinning is usually triggered by a
combination of hormonal activity and genetics, which together cause the hair follicles in the scalp to shrink. Hair loss is probably the last
thing that you expected saw palmetto to be associated with, but as of late there have been many treatments out there that have been designed to
alleviate the symptoms of hair loss and help re grow hair and this is just one of them. Provillus is the best option we have seen for scalp hair
regrowth. However, with hair loss in women the hair thins in a very diffuse manner; female hair loss is evenly distributed over the scalp.

Rated NO.1 Hair Loss Treatment for Women on the Market,!

*- Helps prevent hair loss and re-grow hair
*- Rejuvenates hair follicles
*- No Chemicals, No Creams
*- No Side Effects, Including No Sexual Side Effects
*- Manufactured in 100% FDA Standard Conditions
*- Discreet Shipping & Billing Worldwide
*- 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
*- No Prescription Necessary

Provillus for Women promotes hair follicle growth, thereby supporting hair re-growth. It keeps the hair healthy and full-bodied by supplying adequate nutrients. Unlike many of the hair loss products available today, provillus is entirely natural and free from chemicals that can harm your hair. It is far cheaper than the alternatives and it offers a 6 month money back guarantee.

Beauty Secrets From The Pros

For most women and some men primping and preening their hair is a daily Olympic event that may or may not win them any medals for the way they look. In fact from bed head to hat head, most of us tress obsessed are prone to bad hair… probably because most of us suffer from bad hair hygiene.

Want healthier, shinier, sexier hair? Don’t despair, instead, „do what you’re told, and not what you do“:

Shower Power:

1. Go Au Natural: Most store bought shampoos contain astringent cleaners, which can be damaging to hair, note professionals. However, using products made from natural ingredients are less likely to rob your locks of essential oils and nutrients.

2. Get Familiar With Product Protocol: Make your product work for you. According to experts, the best benefits are achieved by emulsifying shampoo or conditioner in your hands, prior to applying. Massage into roots, crown, then lastly, down sides of shaft (hair shaft, that is).

3.Less Is More: While washing hair daily may make you feel like it’s squeaky clean, but in reality, daily cleaning can be damaging and drying. Instead wash hair every other day or two to three times per week. On „off days“, rinse with water and apply conditioner as needed, mainly at the ends.

4. Go Deep: Heat and color treated tresses need to be deep conditioned at least once a week. If hair is extremely damaged, experts recommend a concentrated hair mask in place of daily conditioner (for use from midshaft down).

Styling Suggestions:

1. Avoid Burnout: Many modern dryers are efficient at speeding up the drying process, but experts note that they were designed to be held high above the hair (preferable by a stylist) and to be circulated around a lot, so as to avoid overheating and damage. To avoid dryer burnout, experts recommend removing the nozzle and point your dryer downward. And, they suggest treating damp hair with a heat-protectant spray prior to drying.

2. Go With The Flow (Of Your Hair): Use fingers when styling your hair until it is about 80 percent dry, then pull out the brush. And, don’t try to fight its natural tendencies.

3. Let It Breath: While many de-frizz or anti-frizz silicone based products help keep strands smooth and sexy, experts suggest applying them AFTER heat styling (for best results). Otherwise, they note they can have a „shrink wrap“ effect, depleting your mane of moisture.

4. Brush Up On The Type Of Brush Your Using: According to experts, the best brushes are those with natural (boar) bristles, because they disperse your scalp’s natural oils and keep them well greased.

Feeding Your Follicles:

1. Nourish Your Roots With An Adequate Diet: The best follicle fuel is found in omega-3 fatty acids, according to the experts. So, dive into some cold-water fish such as salmon and tuna and don’t forget the protein (found in nuts and cheese).

Salon Suggestions:

1. Time Your Touch-Ups: Frequent color touch-ups according to the experts, can be beneficial in not only covering up the damage time has done, but also in preventing chemical damage, especially since keeping up with color means only roots will need a quick fix and stylists won’t have to leave color on that long.

2. Protect Yourself (from color-fade): Professionals suggest ensuring color lasts by refraining from shampooing for 72 hours, using only color safe products. However, if you need a shower to style your hair only wet your hair and apply conditioner.

Salon Secrets:

A quick fix for frayed ends is simply applying a leave in treatment then giving them a blast of „fresh“ air with a dryer.

Have Hair Care

Having a hair cut can change your look completely. It can be better or worse. Sometimes you will feel better when having a new cut or color. Here is the story of hair.

The mysteries of maintaining beautiful hair should have been uncovered by now, but for many women finding a simple way to keep their hair looking wonderful is as elusive as it was to women centuries before. The desire for beautiful hair is not new. Ancient Egyptians shaved their heads and wore elaborate, heavy, braided wigs to achieve perfection. European history also abounds with torturous hair styles including the ornate, powdered styles wrapped around frames and horsehair which attracted vermin. All in the name of beauty.

Today, fashion still influences a woman’s hairstyle but that doesn’t mean you have to subject your hair to needless damage. Take advantage of the tips below on caring properly for your hair.

Even though your hair is not a living part of your body, itstill needs proper care for optimum health and beauty. One of the key elements to having shiny, healthy hair is to allow the natural oils in the scalp to lubricate it. The hair closest to the scalp benefits from natural sebum oils the most while longer hair can become dry and brittle from a lack of these oils.

No matter what exotic ingredients it’s made up of , shampoo performs a simple job of removing excess oils, pollution and styling product build up from the hair. All of your hair needs gentle cleansing but it is the top two or three inches that is most weighed down with natural oils and dulling hair products. Concentrating the washing in that area will reduce the amount of oils removed from longer areas of hair which can be over dried from the stripping of oils and extended contact with shampoo.

Conditioning on the other hand should be used sparingly, if at all, on the top inches of the hair while concentrated on the ends. Conditioning is an important step to replace needed oils and provide protection from styling agents such as blow dryers and irons.

Your hair will look its most beautiful when you choose a style that requires the least amount of heat and product damage. Protecting your hair with conditioners is key, but choosing a style that suits the texture of your hair will eliminate the need for more torturous styling tools.

Frizzy and dry hair can benefit from the application of silicone based products. Bear in mind that a little goes a long way and concentrate the product on the ends of your hair.

When blow drying keep the blow dryer at least six inches from your hair to prevent excessive damage from the heat. Blow drying in the direction of the shaft (down the length of hair) will create a smoother appearance.

Anytime you use chemicals in your hair you should make sure your hair is in a healthy condition before applying the treatment. Overuse of these treatments can damage hair beyond repair and affect the results of the products.

Your hair will look shinier and feel thicker when you remove dried and split ends. Trimming the hair every 6 to 8 weeks will keep it looking its best.

Taking simple steps to maintain healthy hair will put you on track to more ‚good hair days‘ than you ever thought possible!

Hairy Drug Test

Employers in the last decade found it hard to rely on drug testing to ensure that they are hiring employees that are free from banned substances. However, the adoption of more stringent rules and restrictions at drug test sites and laboratories have made it harder for drug users to cheat. The variation of drug testing programs also allow choices and more certainty about the test results.

Urinalysis has been the most common and often used drug testing method. However, this is also the easiest to trick and cheat. Diluting urines with water or other colorless fluid is enough to make the drug traces virtually undetectable. To reinforce security on this kind of testing, most companies and drug testing laboratories prefer on-site specimen collection. A drug test technician either visits the site to collect and test samples from workers or candidates for testing visit the laboratories where their urines are collected and tested immediately. Candidates are not allowed to leave the testing room until the test is finished. This ensures that the urine samples collected are not tampered or diluted. However, on-site collection is awkward especially for women because the candidates are actually supervised while collecting their samples. The testing of oral fluid or saliva is also implemented but not popular. Though oral fluid can be collected easily and are not susceptible to alteration, results based on this test are still suspicious. This is because drug traces in saliva can be undetectable after a day. Hence, if a user stops taking drugs a day or two before the test, he may be given a negative mark and pass the test.

Newer technology in drug tests now allow for hair testing. In the present, this is regarded as the most foolproof drug test. Drug residue from drug use, whether ingested or injected, remains inside the hair cuticle. Even if the user bleached, colored, or cut his hair, the residue would still be present and can be detected. This is also very popular since the collection of samples is not difficult and possible without embarrassing the tester and the candidate. Candidates do not need to worry about ruined hairstyles since the snips are done in inconspicuous places and are not noticeable. The latter kind of drug testing are also more cost-efficient for employers. Though the fees for the test is pricier than urinalysis, the company saves more because hair testing can effectively weed out drug abusers from the company’s ranks. This is because a drug-dependent employee cost a company as much as $10,000 in terms of unproductivity, absences, and benefits. They are usually the perpetrators of office theft. Plus, the employees would be deterred from using drugs because they know that is cheat-proof. All in all, investing in drug and hair testing are worthy expenses for the employer.

Hair Treatment

If you have damaged hair, you are probably always on the lookout for a hair treatment to get your hair in better shape. What you should know is that you can’t really repair hair that is already damaged. You have to get the bad stuff trimmed off and then make sure you take care of the hair that is still healthy. There are a few ways you can do this, and some of them are easier than you may have thought.

The best hair treatment is to make sure you use a good shampoo and conditioner if you experience damage easily. If you don’t have this problem, you can skip the salon stuff, but if you have fragile hair, you should do your hair a favor and baby it a little. Salon shampoos and conditioners are made of higher quality ingredients and have lathering agents that are easier on your hair. You can also find deep conditioning hair treatment in your salon, and these can be great. If you want one of these, go in and ask for a protein treatment. I don’t know if they help in the long term, but they sure leave my hair feeling silky and smooth.

You don’t have to go to a salon to get a good hair treatment though. You can do it at home with a few simple ingredients that are good for your hair. I once used a mix that included an egg, olive oil and a mashed banana. I think there was another ingredient but I can’t remember what it was now. I mixed them together and used it as a hair treatment. I applied it to my hair and wore a warm towel around it for an hour. After that, I rinsed it out. It helped my hair so much. If you want to try this, just remember that it might be hard to get out if you have curly hair. I had to wash my hair a few times to get all of it out. However, it worked so well it was worth it for me.

You can also use a hair treatment like VO5 if you want, and these types of treatments do tend to help. The secret is to follow the instructions and to do it on a regular basis. No matter what type of hair treatment you want to use, just make sure you keep up with it. It will help your hair to remain healthy and will help protect against damage. Just remember there is no way to completely stop damage, and you will still need to get regular trims to keep your hair looking its best.

fighting the genetic aspect of hair loss

PLEASE don’t tell me that’s a clump of hair in the drain! No, what am I saying? It’s probably just dirt. Right? Yeah right! There’s no fighting the genetic aspect of hair loss. If yours was meant to go, it’s going to go. Of course, that only applies to those who accept it the natural way. Don’t get me wrong; you can take action. What you need is some hair systems that truly work. Now, there are two sides to this spectrum of products. First you have the hair replacement side, and then you have the hair loss prevention side. It’s time to ask yourself which one it is you’re looking for.

Don’t lose another follicle! Actually that’s not very realistic, since we all lose several hairs each day. That part is okay. What I’m referring to is the hair we lose permanently. We can prevent our heads from going bald if we have the right hair systems at our disposal. If you’re trying to get your hair back, then you’ll want to visit a trichologist for advice and possible solutions. Maybe a hair transplant is in order. I often see hair plugs made fun of on television, but they never show the end results. I’ve seen guys with hair plugs and literally could not tell the difference. It’s plain and simply a process that takes a little time. Rogaine and Propecia are also possibilities. One of these new-age hair systems could be perfect for getting your dew back in order. Millions of men use them regularly. Okay, so hair restoration is a common topic no doubt. But, don’t forget about hair loss prevention. This is not discussed enough. It’s even cheaper to purchase hair systems that prevent hair loss. A popular one now days is found on the MiN.com website. Check out their contemporary three step hair care system. It has powerful DHT blockers that battle male pattern baldness and hair loss due to stress and the environment. The thing I love about their products is the styling line. Their texturizing paste and pomade are outstanding.

There’s no excuse for not finding hair systems in this day and age. Even if you can’t afford the trip to a specialist, you can certainly surf the web. The Internet is loaded with reviews from others just like yourself. Find non-biased ratings on all the top hair systems available.

Hairstyles In A Hurry

It can be hard to get your hair to look like you want it to. Especially when you’re in a hurry.

Well now you can relax with 2 great looking hairstyles you can create without spending much time.

Fast Forward Curl

This sophisticated looking style is quick and easy.

Begin by making sure you have everything handy: a blow dryer and light hand-held diffuser, a small barreled curling iron, misting bottle (if you have natural curls), curl enhancing balm or mousse (if you need it), and a non-stiffening hair spray.

1. Apply the curl enhancer / mousse to help enhance any natural curl. If you have a lot of natural curl, a misting bottle might be enough.

2. Gently untangle your hair and create a part in it.

3. Air dry your hair about 80% (use a towel if you are in a hurry).

4. If you have a lot of natural curl, begin scrunching your hair with your fingers (misting frequently if you are using water).

5. If you are using a blow dryer, push your fingers into the hair to lift at the roots.

6. To add more volume, dry your hair upside down while continuing to scrunch with your fingers.

7. If you have less natural curl, use a small barreled curling iron.

8. Once you have it the way you like it, spray with a non-stiffening hairspray.

The Messy Up Do Hair

A popular hair style that is quick is the trendy messy up do. To accomplish this look:

1. Brush out your hair to remove the tangles.

2. Pull some of the hair up from the front of your face and secure it with a covered ponytail holder.

3. Cover the holder with a hair clasp.

4. At the nape of your neck, gather your hair into a loose ponytail and hold it in place with a hair tie.

5. Twist the ponytail up to the crown of your head and secure the twist with long hair pins.

6. Leave several (however many you like to see) of the ends of the twist loose and arrange them as you like.

7. Pull some of the whippy ends loosely around your jaw to soften your jaw line.

8. Hold the do in place with a non-stiffening hairspray.


Practicing these and other styles will allow you to change hair styles quickly. Before you know it, you will be able to race in the door, change hair style, and dash back out to your next appointment looking fresh and stylish in a matter of minutes.

To give a different look to these styles, change the color, size, or style of pins you use; also vary the other accessories. In the same amount of time, your hair style can look new and different.

Memorize these and other quick hair styling methods, so that you can look your best without spending a lot of time on your hair. Practice is the key that will allow you to quickly create hairstyles in minutes that are fresh and stylish every time.

Hairstyle Software

Go to a professional hair stylist and chances are – for a fee – you can get them to input your image to their fancy computer, and show you just how you’d look if your hair was cut and styled in a variety of different ways. The professionals pay big money to provide that service, but maybe not for much longer. Virtual hair styles and hair imaging have now become cheaply available to you and I on
the Internet.

Now, for not much more than the price of a coffee or two, sites such as
Hair Cuts and UpDos allow you to ‚try on‘ up to 4000 different hair styles – all at the click of a button. The cheaper end of the market uses photos or drawings of models wearing the hair styles, but with others, the sky is the
limit. Upload your own photo into their software and know precisely how you will look in short hair styles, celebrity hair styles, long hairstyles, curly, straight, punk or celebrity hairstyles, highlights, layering – you name it. With your own photo in the computer, you can try them all
to your heart’s content!

Have you ever become lost in your own little dreamworld and never wanted to come out? That’s what it’s like. All the styles and ideas you never had the courage – or the patience to explain to a hair stylist – can now be yours. Imagine a role, or an environmentor a setting … and instantly
transform yourself into the appropriate persona. Or not! Sometimes you get excellent feedback on what you really should avoid! But that’s the fun of it. No risks! All thoughts catered for!

Most of the services get you to take a digital photo of yourself or scan a color photo and save it as a .jpg file (scanning software does that for you automatically). You can do it yourself, or use a photo processing store will often do it for a small fee. Each website is a little different, but generally, the upload process is simple and well-explained, and with a few quick clicks your photo
travels to their computer, and becomes ready for you to play with. Most sites allow you to upload a number photos, so don’t worry if you mess up the first one. Just click on ‚refresh‘ and back to the original. Most sites also have time-based subscriptions, so you’ll probably have from 6 months to a year to play as often as you want.

Now, how do you get from beginner to pro in the shortest possible time? Probably by taking a bit of care in preparing. Get someone to take a fresh photo of you. Make it full face-on (take advantage, though, if the software you intend using allows more than one angle). Once the photo is in the softwareyou’ll use their tools to blank out all your existing hair, so make that as easy as possible by wetting your hair and slicking it back for the photographer, or tieing it back in a ponytail
before you take the photo. The aim is to leave your face clear of hair so it’s easy to produce a clean line around your face in the online photograph.

Now … give yourself plenty of time, because this can become addictive! Do it alone, or with friends – and have a hairstyle ball!

Hairstyle Fads

Doesn’t it always seem that once a fad has caught the eye of the fashion-conscious, you see the same hairstyle everywhere on everyone of every walk of life? I mean, think about the “bowl” cut of the 90s. Everyone had that cut including men, women and children. I kid you not when I say that while working at the salon I did 20 of these haircuts in one day. I thought I was going to be sick. And that fad hung around for years until everyone was sick.

Granted, it is very tempting to go out and get the latest hairstyle fad. In some cases, doing so can make you look like you are on the cutting edge of fashion. In other cases, getting a fad cut can make you look like a copycat with no fashion sense of your own. So, how do you know if it is okay to follow a particular fad?

First, you should think about the reasons you want a particular cut. Is it because you really like the style and think it would blend well with and compliment your style of dress or do you simply want the cut because so and so has it? When it comes to style and hairstyles in particular, what you wear is an expression of who you are. You should never get a style because someone else wears it and it works well for them. Instead, choose styles that are true to your character even if no one else has them.

Next, you should consider how many other people are wearing the style. If there are only a few and the style is relegated to certain social circles that you are a part of, it might be a good idea to get the cut especially if it is an expression of your style of dress. But if everyone is getting the cut, you would look like you were trying to copy off of everyone else instead of being yourself.

If there are relatively few people that you have seen wearing the cut and none in the area where you live, a fad cut that suits your personality could be a great way to set you apart from the others. For example: You see a great hairstyle on a movie that you think is perfect for you. Go ahead, get the cut, but be sure to change your style once everyone else has caught onto the idea. Doing so will make you a fad setter instead of a fad follower.

Hairstyle and Eyewear Secrets

The following information is an excerpt from the DVD series Love My Image.

Hairstyle and Eyewear Secrets

If you’ve ever struggled with trying to find the right hairstyle (and I think most women have at some point in their lives), you’re about to discover how easy it really can be! If you’ve given up on your hair you’re about to read some encouraging information. You see, just like choosing the right style of glasses, the right hairstyle is based on one key principle: the shape of your face. That’s it.

Now that you know that, all you need to do is learn the basic “rules” that go with your particular face shape. First though, let’s talk about the different face shapes & the characteristics of each.

1. The Round Face: this is a full-looking face with a round hairline and chin. The cheeks/ears tend to be the widest point.

2. The Square Face: this face shape has a strong, square jaw line and usually a square hairline.

3. The Oval Face: the oval shape has a gently rounded hairline and is only slightly narrower at the jaw than at the temples. Very balanced.

4. The Diamond Face: the widest point on this face is at the cheekbones, and is equally narrow at the jaw line & forehead.

5. The Oblong Face: this face is long and slender. The area just below the cheekbones and the forehead are about the same width. Could have a high forehead or a narrow chin.

6. The Triangular Face: has a dominant jaw line and narrows at the cheekbones and temples.

7. The Heart Shaped Face: the face is widest at the hairline and temples and narrows to a small chin. The opposite of the triangular face.

Now that we’ve covered the characteristics of the different face shapes…

Let’s Get Started!

As we discuss this further we’ll talk about some do’s and don’ts for hairstyling and picking out the proper eye wear.

The Round Face: The goal of the person with the round face is to lengthen it. This can be done by adding height and fullness at the crown. Layering will help to achieve this. An off centre part will help to make the face appear longer. The rest of the cut should stay close to the side of the head to avoid adding more fullness.

Length: A round face can wear a shorter cut but hair should be swept back. Or a cut longer than the chin will also work.

Avoid: Hair that’s chin length with a rounded line, like a bob. This will only make the face appear even more round. Bangs cut straight across the forehead and short crops. Also avoid a centre part. It tends to accentuate the roundness.

GLASSES: The best shaped frame for the round face is a rectangular one. This frame contrasts the round face, making it appear thinner and longer. Frames with clear bridges make close-set eyes appear further apart. Frames with higher, coloured temples will lengthen the appearance of the round face.

The Square Face: The goal of the person with a square face is to soften it. Hair with lots of waves and roundness will help to achieve this. If your hair is straight you may want to consider a soft perm to offset the straight lines of your face. Layers and wispy bangs work well. Off centre parts and height at the crown will help to elongate the face.

Length: Short to medium length hair works best for this shaped face. Long hair, straight bangs and centre parts tend to emphasize the square features. Just make sure your cut ends just above or a little below your chin.

Avoid: Centre parts and hairstyles ending at the jaw line.

GLASSES: Look for frames where the lower part is curved with some weight on top as well. Centred temples are desirable. Look for a frame wider than the widest part of the face. This will soften the angular appearance of the square face. Stay away from rectangular frames.

The Oval Face: Most any hairstyle looks good on an oval face. The goal is not to hide your features. Slicked back styles also work very well. Length: You can wear short, medium or longer styles.

Avoid: Remember not to cover up your balanced features with your hair.

GLASSES: Look for frames that will maintain the balance of your oval face. Frames should be as least as wide as the broadest part of your face. You can wear round, square or rectangular shapes. Avoid frames with low or “dropped” temples. This will detract from your face’s natural features.

The Diamond Face: You also have balanced features so you can wear a variety of styles. If you are going with a shorter style make sure you have weight in the nape area to help balance your high cheekbones and delicate chin.

Length: You can wear short, medium or longer styles.

Avoid: Hiding your features with your hair.

GLASSES: Select a frame that will accent the forehead and jaw and draw attention away from the temple. Choose frames that are decorated along the top. Rimless frames are also nice. You can wear glasses with geometric or oval shapes to minimize the distance between your temples.

The Oblong Face: The person with the oblong/rectangular face wants to make it appear fuller. Try to create fullness at the sides of your face. Layers will help to achieve this and to add softness to the lines of your face. Try off centre parts and wispy bangs to shorten the appearance of length.

Length: Short to medium lengths work best.

Avoid: Longer styles tend to drag the oblong face down, making it appear longer. Also avoid straight hairstyles and centre parts.

GLASSES: Choose frames with equal top to bottom depth and decorative or contrasting temples. Avoid frames that have too much weight on the bottom. They tend to make the face appear even longer. Round or square frames work well but make sure they don’t extend beyond the widest part of the face.

The Triangular Face: Choose styles that are fuller at the temples and taper at the jaw. Lots of layers will help you to achieve this. This style will help to balance your prominent jaw. Off centre parts work best for you. Also hair can be tucked behind ears, still working to achieve the fullness at the temple area.

Length: Shorter hair works best to help balance the prominent jaw line. If wearing long hair, make sure it’s pulled back at the nape.

Avoid: Centre parts, longer hairstyles that have fullness at the jaw- gives the appearance of extra weight in the face.

GLASSES: Look for a frame that is slightly top heavy. Decorative accents on top of the frame will draw attention away from the wide jaw line. A frame that has no lower rim is an excellent choice.

The Heart Shaped Face: Chin length styles work best. This creates a more balanced look, adding fullness where you need it most. An off-centre part is a good choice. Wispy bangs and soft layers swept forward work well. If you have a dramatic heart shaped face (high cheekbones) make sure you have weight in the nape area to help balance the look of the dramatic cheekbones and delicate chin.

Length: Chin length works best.

Avoid: Short, full styles-they emphasize the upper face, making the chin look even narrower. Height at the crown- makes the chin look narrower and longer. Avoid severe looks.

GLASSES: An excellent choice is light coloured or rimless frames with low temples. Frames that are wider at the bottom will also help to balance the face by drawing the eye away from the wider temple area.

Now that we’ve covered off what hairstyles and glasses work best for each particular face shape, don’t be afraid to make some changes to your image. If you’re not sure where to start, start small. Maybe start by styling your hair differently or changing your frames.

If you’re ready to make some big changes, talk to your stylist about what kind of cut you want. You’ve got the right information now. Don’t rely on your stylist to choose the appropriate style for you. Good luck and have fun!

Hair Spray

I thought my days of buying hair spray were over. It’s funny how something comes back when you thought it was long gone. When I was in high school, the hair bands were all the rage, and this meant that everyone had really big hair. At the time, my hair was shorter than it is now, and I had the front feathered back, as a lot of girls my age did. This meant a daily routing of blow drying, hot curling irons, and tons of hair spray just to get out of the house.

After I went to college, the ritual continued. My dad called to thank me for going to college because there was no longer a lacquered layer of hair spray on his wall. I guess I never realized that the stuff didn’t only go on my hair. It also went all over everything behind me in the bathroom. I told him I’d come home for Christmas break and spray the bathroom for him, just for old times sake.

The first few months in college were a change for me, however, as most people experience this. I was introduced to a whole new style of music that instantly grabbed my attention. I was tired of the hair bands, and the image they produced. I never realized how inadequate I felt watching the girls in all of those videos. I wanted something different, and I found the music that was coming out of Seattle at the time as a refreshing change. With this change came other changes. I no longer wanted big hair, and my hair spray was suddenly something that wasn’t being used as much.

I wanted to see what I could do different with my hair. I have natural curls, so it takes a while for it to grow out. It was as long as my shoulders, but I wanted it to grow longer. I also started growing out my bangs. Though I had to use hair spray to keep it out of my eyes for a while, I soon found that I stopped using it all together. For the health of my hair, I also stopped blow-drying it every day, and tried to let my natural curls be, well, natural. Besides, with curls like mine, they don’t need much help being big. Now I was trying to get them to lie down.

I thought my days of worrying about hair spray were over at this point, but now, ten years later, bottles of it are appearing in my house again. My husband is in a band, and he needs his hair to stand up. His weapons of choice are Aussie gel and hair spray. I laugh when I look at the bottles of hair spray he has bought, and I have prepared myself to do a lot of wall scrubbing.

Hairspray Tickets

Hairspray tickets have been available for several shows at theaters around the country in recent years, and this production has taken several markets by storm due to its unmatched quality in several respects. Although the launch of the show was relatively recent compared to other classics, Hairspray has already taken its well-earned spot among the elite Broadway productions. A look at a few aspects of the show below will help explain why Hairspray will be an integral part of the theater scene for years to come.

About the Story

Hairspray is the story of a girl named Tracy Turnblad, an aspiring dancer who hopes to earn a place on a local television show called the Corny Collins Show. The show is actually based on a Baltimore-based program called the Buddy Dean Show in Baltimore, Maryland.

Tracy is an unknown in the dancing world when she auditions, but she is chosen for a spot and against long odds becomes a dancing celebrity nearly overnight. Tracy is emboldened by this newfound status, and she decides to use her fame to make positive changes to the program. The fundamental basis for these positive changes involves race. Tracy wants to racially integrate the program, and as one could imagine, she is met with much resistance.

Production History

Hairspray tickets first became available at the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle before its successful run led it to the Neil Simon Theatre on Broadway August 15, 2002. The play continues to run on Broadway, and has made several successful tours of the United States in order to meet demand.

The story itself is based on the 1988 movie by John Waters of the same name, and theater fans and experts alike have raved about its quality in several respects. That respect was shown in tangible form when the theater production won an incredible eight Tony Awards in the following disciplines: Best Musical, Best Book of a Musical, Best Original Score, Best Performance by a Leading Actor, Best Performance by a Leading Actress, Best Performance by a Featured Actor, Best Costume Design and Best Direction of a Musical.

As a result of this nearly-unprecedented level of success, the show is currently being adapted into a musical film that’s set for release in 2007. If you’d like to see a true modern Broadway classic, Hairspray tickets will provide you with everything you could ever hope to experience with a night at the theatre.

Hair Removal Creams

If you have hair in places on your body where you don’t want it to be, you may be suffering through the different options you have to get rid of it. It is embarrassing to admit you have hair where you don’t want it, but you should know that many women fight with this on a daily basis and you most certainly are not alone. Though you may not realize it, some of the beautiful women you see walking down the street probably have the same issues you do, they just know what to do to get rid of it. One of the best options I have found that works for me is hair removal cream.

Though you have to get used to having it on your skin, hair removal cream is rather easy to use. If you leave it on too long you may end up with red skin, but if you don’t leave it on long enough, you won’t get the results you are hoping for. You should always replace your hair removal cream every three months so that you are sure you have a product that works well. If they get too old they become ineffective and you won’t have any luck when using them.

Most hair removal cream will have to be on your face for less than ten minutes. You can also use it on your legs, but never use it on a private area. It will damage your skin and might make you sick. Keep it away from bikini area and eyes. If you leave hair removal cream on your skin much longer than the time recommended on the bottle or the box, you are going to end up with damaged skin. It is gentle as long as you only use it as directed. Your skin might be red and a little tender when you are done, but that will go away quickly if you take care of it.

I always find that if I wet a cloth with cold water and hold it on my skin after I have used a hair removal cream that it feels a lot better a lot faster. I have a few thick hairs that I have to deal with, and it takes a little longer for the hair removal cream to work when I use it. I use the cold cloth by holding it gently against my face after the treatment, and that seems to take the sting out of what I have just done. It may not be perfect, but it is far better than walking around worried about the hairs that may pop up on my chin.

hair removal cream

Do you ever find yourself judging current products that are on the market based on experiences that you had with them in the past? I know for myself if I have had a bad experience with a product I most likely will not try it again even if friends tell me that it has been improved. This can be a bad thing however I do not like to waste money on a product that I think will not perform well.

My daughter convinced me to take a risk with a product that I had sworn I would never use again. When I was in high school there was a very popular television commercial for a hair removal cream. I loved the commercial and decided that I would try the product. My mother did not think that a hair removal cream was a good idea so she would not buy it for me. When I was a child I was given a generous allowance for cleaning the house and starting supper in the evenings when I returned home from school. The allowance was to be used for school events, movies and other activities that I wanted to go on. I could also buy things with it; however my parents paid for most of my clothing and hygiene products. I used my allowance money to by the hair removal cream. It was summer time and I was going to a pool party at a neighbor’s house so I wanted nice smooth legs. My mother knew I had bought the cream. Her only comment was to make sure that I followed the directions. I was in a hurry so I only glanced at the part of the directions that said how long to keep the product on. The product had a very strong chemical odor. I put it on my legs and then looked around for my swimsuit and did some other things. I left the product on longer than I was supposed to, but I did not think this was any big deal. I wiped it off quickly and went to the neighbor’s house. My friends were lying in the sun so I sat in the sun by them and we started talking. I sat in the sun for over a half hour when one of my friends asked me what was wrong with my legs. They were covered in rash. I went home and took a shower, but the rash lasted for three days. It was painful and because of being self conscious about the rash I wore long pants during very hot weather so a beach party. My mother looked on the bottle of the hair removal product and it said not to go out into the sun for three hours after applying it. It also said to wash it off with plenty of soap and water. I did not.

That was the only time I used the product. My daughter was telling me about using a similar product and how great her legs felt and that she did not have to shave for two weeks. I tried the product again and found that it did work very well.

Hairloss Treatments And Types

Many people ask us what is the most effective hairloss treatment. Well, like any good question there is more than one answer. Hairloss is probably the most discussed health condition. We all experience hairloss. Only that some experience it in earlier stages of their lives. But not all hair losses were born equal. There are different types of hairloss and for each there are several possible hairloss treatments:

1. Androgenetic alopecia – This is the most common type of hairloss – Also known as male pattern hairloss (or female pattern hairloss). This type of hairloss is related to the effects of genetics.
The cause for this hair loss type is the production in the body of a chemical called DHT. The production of DHT causes the hair follicles to shrink and gradually damages the hair growth process to the inventible permanent hairloss.

There is a wide selection of hairloss treatments for the male pattern hairloss – most of them claim to lower the amount of DHT. There are pills like the FDA approved Propecia (also known as finasteride) and natural hairloss treatments like Revivogen or Advecia. Other types of hairloss treatments for people that suffer from male pattern baldness are hair transplant surgery or medical hair restoration.

2. Temporary hairloss – Also known as telogen effluvium. In those cases hair will regrow within a few months. The most common temporary hairloss is called Alopecia Areata – A loss of hair small patches. Temporary hairloss can also be a result of certain medication or medical treatments like Chemotherapy. Unfortunately, there are no reliable hairloss treatments for theses cases.

3. Anagen Efluvium – This hairloss type refers to permanent hairloss caused by damages to the hair structure. It could be a result of a psychosomatic condition like stress or of medical condition as diabetes, thyroid disorders, immune disorders etc. The hairloss treatments for theses cases should be decided by a doctor according to the medical condition. In some cases where there is no available hairloss treatment people choose to wear hats or wigs.

It is important to realize that in most of the cases hairloss could be prevented and stopped using the proper hairloss treatments. So, don’t wait for miracles. Stop you hairloss.

Hairloss Treatments

Hairloss has always existed and people have always suffered from it. More than that, People have started inventing hairloss treatments thousands of years ago and they still do – The FDA has announced in a recent report that over the last nine years more than 300,000 new hairloss treatments that claim to stop hair loss and regrow hair have been examined.

Before we will go over the leading ancient hairloss treatments that still work today, we want to introduce you to two hairloss treatments legendary treatments:

The first legend is about the ancient Egyptians who believed that they will avoid or treat hairloss by putting fat of lions like lions and crocodiles over their head.
The second legend is about Julius Caesar and Napoleon who also suffered from hair loss and tried to hide it by combing their back hair forward.

It seems that natural hairloss treatments have always been popular, most of them include herbs. Those herbal hairloss treatments are proven to stop hairloss and regrow hair. The most popular are:
Saw palmetto (Seranoa repens) – This is the most common herbal hairloss treatment – it slows hairloss, stimulates hair growth and protect the prostate. It is made out of the berry extract. Other popular herbal hairloss remedies are green tea and Ginkyo biloba.

Another popular hairloss treatment which has been used for centuries is hair extension or hair replacement – this is actually a method of hiding hairloss and not stopping it.
This hairloss treatment includes wigs made of synthetic fibers or human hair and hair additions such as hair weaves and toupees.

Yet, if you suffer form hair loss we suggest that you try using also modern hairloss treatments. There are effective and safe hairloss products which are proven to stop hairloss like Propecia, the all natural Revivogen and Minoxidil. Don’t get frustrated of hair loss. Like any medical problem, it can be cured. It is all up to you. Good luck.

hair health

Image is important to us all. Some of us flaunt this fact like no other, and others suppress it. Either way, we all want to look great. It’s not only in our nature, but it’s also often necessary to vie in this world. Okay, that’s a small fib. Beauty has practically become essential to contend with the billions of others that inhabit planet earth. It’s one of the three advantages most people crave. The other two are money and intellect. If you’re blessed with all three, then you’re golden. Paris Hilton has two of them. Can you guess which one she never received? So, what makes us beautiful? Sure our personality is part of it, but let’s stick to image for now. There are our physiques, our facial structure, our skin, teeth, and finally our hair. I am a serious teeth person. This is a crucial aspect of anyone in my opinion. One feature I had never really considered until a few months ago is hair. What is hair anyway? It’s dead follicles sprouting from our scalp. Folks want them on their head, but not on their bodies. It’s a weird subject. Regardless, hair health is imperative to many.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, chances are you want your dew to look stellar. I recently know where you’re coming from. I have seen the light concerning hair health. Being a 31 year old male with a full head of hair, I paid little attention to my dew in the past. It wasn’t until my wife mentioned to me that she hopes I never lose my hair, that I started considering hair health and hair loss. Suddenly my head follicles became an issue. I don’t want to lose them after all. Especially if my wife loves them. It was time to investigate what makes hair look incredible and what keeps it this way. A few things I discovered were; a healthy well-balanced diet, plenty of water and rest, quality hair care products, exercise and a multivitamin. These are wonderful for your due. Embrace them all in order to preserve your hair health. One vitamin I discovered that specifically enhances the hair is saw palmetto. You can find shampoos and supplements that offer this vitamin on the web and in GNC stores.

Don’t neglect a certain aspect of your image! While hair health is important, so are your skin, body, teeth, and overall health. With all the products and supplements available now days, we truly do have a fighting chance at long-lived beauty.

brands of hair conditioner

Do you have an idea of what the best hair conditioner might be? No one seems to know, and that might explain why there are so many different ones on the market today. There are usually one or two entire aisles in any store that has just shampoo and conditioner. If you have great hair, you may have a brand you use and you don’t think much of it. However, if you have hair that gives you worries now and again, you may be just like me. I have had to try almost every brand on the market trying to find which is indeed the very best one for me.

When I was growing up, my mom never really had hair conditioner in the house. I guess this is why I never really knew what it could do for the hair. I have naturally curly hair, and that means I have problems with keeping my hair healthy and soft. I always struggled with my hair, and I had no idea that hair conditioner could actually make my hair feel better. I just assumed it was there for tangles, and since my mom had short hair, she never bothered to buy it.

When I went away to college, my friends introduced me to the wonders of hair conditioner. I used some of my roommates conditioner one day to see what it could do for my hair. While it didn’t make a huge improvement, my hair was much softer. She had a very inexpensive brand, because that was all she needed, so I went out and bought something that cost a little more. After I tried it, I knew I should have been using the hair conditioner all along, and that my hair had suffered because I hadn’t.

I went through many different types and brands of hair conditioner before I found the one that works for me. Though there are some great ones you rinse out in the shower, but the type that you leave in after you are done with your shower or bath works best for me. I only need a little, and it never leaves my hair greasy or limp. It’s amazing. I also have to use salon brand, but my hair needs the extra care. Don’t give up if you can’t seem to find the right hair conditioner for you, just try as many as you can. The right one is out there for you too.

Hair Weaving and Hair Grafting

What is hair weaving?

It’s the science of weaving or braiding human or synthetic hair to the roots of existing, healthy hair so that it grows along with natural hair, thus giving the impression of a thick growth. It’s also called hair integration or hair intensification. It’s a procedure appropriate for people with thinning hair. It’s not something that requires a hospital visit; it’s usually done in salons as a temporary procedure.

How does it work?

Two or three shafts of hair natural or synthetic are woven into the root area. Some of the natural hair is woven or braided together to act as an anchor, to which the add-on tufts are sewn, woven, knitted or glued. The extensions have to be repositioned every five or six weeks as the natural hair grows out.

Sounds Complex.

It is. Apart from the sheer tedium of repeated ‘surgeries’, the procedure stresses the existing hair as well. Also, keeping the scalp and hair clean is a problem, as vigorous washing could loosen the new hair. The American Hair Loss Council advises the procedure only for people with plenty of healthy hair, and that too, for periods not longer than a few weeks. A patch test is essential to ensure the person undergoing the procedure is not allergic to any of the adhesives or implants used.

Implants for the hair

A non-surgical implant is the dressed-up term now used for a simple procedure that has been upgraded over the years. Actually, a non surgical implant describes the attachment of a hair system to existing hair with surgical glue, and subsequent trimming to ensure the add-ons blend with natural hair.

What about more long-term solutions?

Hair Graft. This is the most popular surgical method, but it can be done only on people who are partially bald. The results are permanent and can be achieved in four or five sittings. The procedure involves removing hair follicles from the back of the head (where the growth is the most persistent) and implanting them on the pate. This hair grows naturally, requiring no follow-up action. It’ll never resemble a thick mane, but it’s presentable.

Tissue Expansion

It involves implanting silicon balloons with hair bearing skin on either side of the head. The implants are inside the skin over the ears so that the hair bearing part of the head expands. The expansions are then re-grafted in front of the head, so the hair appears to grow naturally from there.

This calls for two surgical procedures, one at the time of implantation and the other for re-grafting.

Any drawbacks to the surgical procedures?

There may be swelling, bruising or mild pain inhibiting normal activity for a couple of days after the procedure. There may also be numbness on the back of the neck, from where a strip of skin is removed. Also, it’s important to remember that individual hair types and characteristics- such as wavy or curly hair- affect the results.

Hair Transplantation Surgery

Proper hair transplant information is important before going for a hair transplantation surgery. Hair transplantation is the process of transplanting hair-bearing portion of the scalp onto the bald area. Recent technological advances have made the operation more convenient, affordable and effective.

Some basic hair transplant facts

Hair transplantation operation involves several steps like pre-surgery care, post-operation care.

Pre-surgery care – You are supposed to follow certain pre-operation precautionary measures. For example, you need to follow the list of dos and don’ts provided by the surgeon. These dos and don’ts include abstaining from alcohol and medicines not prescribed by the surgeon.

Post-operative care – You have to take certain precautions after the transplantation. For example, you must not expose the operated area to sunlight for some days. Shampoos and chemicals are also to be shunned.

You may experience falling of displaced hair from the recipient zone. It is a perfectly normal phenomenon.

Hair transplant cost – The hair transplant cost depends mainly on the clinic and the surgeon’s fees. The required number of grafts, that depends on the balding area size, also matters in this regard.

Hair transplantation is the most effective way to deal with pattern baldness. The process entails removal of the scalp’s hair-bearing portion and transplanting it onto the bald patch. Recent technological advances have enhanced the convenience and affordability of the surgery, making it most popular method of medical hair restoration.

Follicular unit transplantation

A discussion offering basic hair transplant information is incomplete without a special discussion on follicular unit transplantation. This process is considered the most effective among the various hair restoration methods. The surgery involves transplanting hair from the permanent zone in the back of the scalp onto the affected areas.

The donor tissue is removed in one piece to ensure that the follicular units being relocated from the scalp back are not damaged. An integral part of follicular unit transplantation is single-strip harvesting. It ensures that no damage is caused to the individual hair follicles.

Hair Transplant Procedures Costs

Hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness is a condition that affects both men and women. Surgical hair transplantation is the only solution for restoring the lost hair in pattern baldness when medical hair restoration does not offer you a good hair re-growth.

If you have well-defined and clearly established areas or patterns of baldness on the crown with healthy dense coverage of hair at the sides and the back of the head, you are probably suitable for a hair transplant surgery. Hair that is transplanted in the frontal region of the skull generally offers the best results. However, a hair transplant procedure can also be carried out on any other area of your head if you have some bald patch there.

It is best to have detailed information about the hair transplant procedure before you make plans to undergo a surgery. It is only after you have read through all the information that you can understand and appreciate the significance of surgical hair restoration. The information will also help you decider whether you are the right candidate for the hair transplant surgery.

Now that you are well informed, you would probably think whether the hair transplantation is at all affordable? Hair transplant cost varies depending upon your past medical history, the degree and extent of your hair loss, possibility of medical hair restoration as an adjunct for surgical hair restoration, number of sessions that would will be required for hair transplant surgery, etc. It is after placing due considerations to these factors that your hair restoration surgeon will be able to chalk out an affordable hair transplant treatment plan for you.

Before you make a decision to undergo hair transplant procedure, it is better that you make a consultation visit to the hair transplantation surgeon. This consultation will give you some idea about the hair transplant cost for your surgery.
In general, the average hair transplant cost in USA ranges from $3,690 to $ 9, 800. In some cases it can also be as high as $ 15, 000. The hair transplant cost varies considerably from person to person, and also depends on how many grafts you need, the number of sessions involved, and the hair transplant center or clinic you visit. Clinics in California charge more on average than clinics in Texas. Going to Canada or to Mexico for the hair transplant will be cheaper.
Remember that the hair transplant prices should not be the main reason for choosing a particular hair transplant surgeon, though it is an important factor for most patients. The cost of hair transplant surgery at most hair restoration centers in the USA is based on the size of a hair transplant „session“ not on the number of hair follicle units transplanted. This is simply because some grafts contain more hair follicles than others.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is one way that many are gaining their self-esteem back. Self-Image is a very important thing to have. To an extent, it dictates where you are going in life. Your self-image is made up of more than just your physical appearance, but that is a major component. If it takes hair transplant to get you back on a positive attitude in that regard, then you should do it.

Some men are perfectly content with less hair than they once had. Some are even lucky enough to look good bald. Unfortunately, these are the few. The rest of the many people who are losing their hair are losing their looks and confidence too. When you have plenty of confidence, you show it. People know that you mean business and that you expect to get what you want and need. And you usually do. However, when you walk into a place worrying how you look, or doubting yourself, you aren’t likely to project a strong image. And you are much less likely to get what you need, want, and deserve. This is why many people turn to hair transplant options.

If having a full head of hair again will give you that confidence you need to get around in life, then you should pursue it. Not for anyone else, but for you. Before you decide to do hair transplant, you should look at your options. If a wig is all you need, more power to you. However, many wigs look way to obvious to do a lot of good in this area. You can also talk to your doctor about treatments for natural hair re-growth. However, make sure that you understand all possible side-effects before you start taking it.

When all else fails, there are hair transplant options. And thanks to modern technology, it is actually possible without scarring. But before you commit, make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into. Find out what can go wrong, and what your chances are. Also ask about how long the procedures will take and any recovery times. Be informed.

Next, you should find out who you want to do it. Look at people who do hair transplant options and find out about them. You can even go visit with them and ask to see previous work that they have done if they have it available. If you know anyone who has had it done, see who they would or wouldn’t recommend. After you have all the information that you can get, go and retrieve your self-confidence with hair transplant technology.

What’s in Your Shampoo

Do you think the shampoo you’re using is loaded with tons of healthy, natural ingredients like the package promises? Think again.

Today, drugstore aisles are packed with hair care and body care products that claim to be chock full of nutritional ingredients for your hair and skin, but in reality, they could be causing you more harm than good. This is due in part to the fact that the beauty industry is largely self-regulated, meaning the Food and Drug Administration rarely steps in to oversee what kinds of chemicals are going into the pretty packaging the beauty biz is known for.

The truth is that common elements added to shampoo to make the product lather up can actually strip away the hair’s natural moisture balance and damage hair follicles, which can result in hair loss.

Companies will then suggest using the shampoo’s sister product – conditioner – to repair the loss of moisture artificially after the damage to the hair has already been done.

To educate the public on the harmful ingredients found in many shampoos and the industry’s misleading claims, a company called Blinc Inc. is making official government research on the subject simple and accessible on its Web site.

For instance, many have been told to change their shampoo periodically, but they are not told why.

According to Blinc, this is because most shampoos are made with harsh chemicals like sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate and ammonium lauryl/laureth sulfate, which can weaken hair to environmental pollution and dry it out over time. Therefore, you are asked to change your brand or use conditioners loaded with more questionable ingredients that can prevent your hair and scalp from breathing.

The same can be said for styling waxes or silicone-based glossing serums that are so popular right now. These products may add a temporary sheen to lackluster hair, but soon begin to build up on your strands, causing them to lose their volume and bounce.

What about the products that claim to be all-natural? According to Blinc, very few shampoos are all-natural, and the ones that truly are have very little shelf life and produce poor cleansing results.

„It is surprising how many hair care products claiming to be all-natural contain synthetic ingredients,“ said Lewis Farsedakis, founder and chief executive officer of Blinc Inc.

„At Blinc, we want to raise consumer awareness and draw on the best that nature and science has to offer in developing our 99.8 percent vegetable-derived hair and body care products,“ Farsedakis said. „Hair care products should lather and cleanse effectively without creating buildup or causing harm to the skin, eyes or hair.“

Hair Threading As A Hair Removal Technique

Hair threading is becoming more and more popular as individuals search for a new way to remove hair. The process can be done at home if you would like to or you can get a much better procedure done through a salon. For those that are looking for a new method of hair removal, besides all the waxing and the shaving, hair threading may be the answer for you. Although it is about as painful as waxing, it can help to remove the fine hair that grows over your body.

You will use normal sewing thread to get the job done. The hair will be removed from the root. For an at home method, try this:

Use two feet of sewing thread. Knot the ends to make a large circle.

Hold it in both hands and wind it about ten times until it looks like a bow tie. The wound up portion needs to be in the middle.

Now, spread the fingers of one hand so that the wound portion moves to the other hand. Practice moving it back and forth for a few minutes.

Alternate the fingers that you move, spread and close.

Practice first with your leg hairs until you learn how to do it well.

Prop one leg up while you sit on a chair. Place the wound side of the thread on one side of the hair and lay the thread from the opposite end around both sides of the hair.

Move your fingers as you have been practicing quickly. The hair is captures and pulled from the root.

It is often wise to learn how to do hair threading by watching someone else do it. So, perhaps you should invest in a salon procedure the first time so that you can learn. Yes, it hurts a little and yes it is going to need to be done several times, but the process is one way for you to easily fight back unwanted hair. Once you learn how to do it, you will do it better. And, since there are no real risks of using hair threading there is no reason not to enjoy it.

Hair Styles Online

Looking for hair styles on magazines is starting to become quite obsolete, wouldn’t you think? I think you do, if not why else would you be reading this, right? Hahaha. I guess we understand ourselves then. With the internet we can all look for hair styles online with no cost any time we want! Plus we can have a direct contact with the pros because we can email them any question we would like them to answer or anything we would like to share with them.

Talk about convenience. It’s never been easier to look for tips on how to get the right hair cut or hair do you need. You can virtually learn anything you want to know about hair cut styles, latest trends in hair ideas and the newest professional hair products in a matter of seconds. All that power! On the tips of your fingers…

Let’s Do a Practice Test

Type in hair styles in Google’s search engine and look for the total number of results. As of now, the results reach a number of more than twenty million. TWENTY MILLION! That’s a hell of a lot of web pages just on hair styles. I bet that’s more than the number of magazines with famous hair styles you and all your friends together can buy in over a hundred years! I think that’s enough proof that the internet is a good source of information on hair cuts.

You can find nifty how-to’s for almost any hair cut or hair highlights you want to have, articles about latest trends in hair dos, information on the different types of hair, different hair styles and much much more! It’s like a candy store for anyone hungry for new tips and advice to look good.